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A difficult year for Manitoba’s cattle industry

COVID backlogs and market pivots were all just part of the challenge

It would be something of an understatement to say the Manitoba cattle industry faced a tough year in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a pair of industry experts. “Prices were volatile and then very flat in the second half of the year,” commented Brian Perillat, manager and senior analyst for CanFax. He

Cattle producers have lofty new goals in the run-up to 2030.

Beef sector aims for new 2030 targets

The beef operation of 2030 will have a smaller environmental footprint,better grazing ecosystems and greater efficiency

The Canadian beef industry has new benchmarks to strive for in the next decade. The organizations involved in Canada’s National Beef Strategy — the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, Canada Beef Breeds Council, Beef Cattle Research Council, Canada Beef, The National Cattle Feeders’ Association, Canadian Meat Council and Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef — have announced a

Cattle prices strong heading into autumn

Fed cattle prices remain slightly depressed

Feeder cattle prices have recovered to levels seen this time last year, due largely to strong demand for cattle coming off the grass. “Last week, we were steady to five cents per pound higher when compared to last year,” said Brian Perillat, senior analyst at Canfax in Calgary. “Calf and feeder markets are doing well,

Pasture conditions and hay prices will be significant indicators for cattle markets going into summer.

Manitoba cattle market softens into springtime

Spring highs appear to be in, with bigger supplies ahead

Cattle volumes were down at auctions across the province on the week ended May 3, which is par for the course after spring highs were observed weeks prior. “It’s been an interesting couple of weeks,” said Brian Perillat of Canfax in Calgary. “We’ve seen weakness recently in the cash markets.” Perillat believed that spring highs

Demand strength, moderate supplies lift cattle prices

Eastern buyers took some higher-quality slaughter cattle

Market activity was steady and predictable at Manitoba’s cattle auction for the week ended March 29. With fewer slaughter cattle coming to market each week, prices remained fairly even, lifting up three to five cents per pound in some areas. Some slaughter cattle stayed local, with higher-quality cattle heading east into Ontario and Quebec. “Fed

By December 2018, 365,791 head had been sold in Manitoba, up from 362,899 sold in all of 2017.

Manitoba sees good cattle prices in 2018 despite adverse weather

Concerns over a U.S. ‘wall of beef’ may drag on markets

As 2018 wraps up and Manitoba’s cattle auctions wind down their operations for the holidays, the total number of head sold so far has already surpassed the previous year’s numbers. While there is some optimism in the cattle industry for better numbers in 2019, it comes down to ‘wait and see.’ Going into December, 365,791

Manitoba cattle market better than rest of Prairies

Geography is working in favour of local producers, with more nearby market options

While cattle prices are starting to soften across most of Western Canada, Manitoba is finding itself as the exception. “In Manitoba things aren’t looking too bad. They’ve got some options there, their price has almost been a premium, or some of the strongest in Western Canada,” said Brian Perillat, manager and senior analyst at Canfax.

Wet weather supportive for Manitoba’s cattle markets

A weaker loonie and higher pork prices haven’t hurt, either

Wet weather is holding producers back from rushing to sell their cattle in Western Canada, according to an analyst. “Volumes are a decent size, but they’re not burdensome by any means. (They’re) maybe slowed down a little bit by the weather and guys maybe reassessing if things are going to green up. It just takes

Jane Thornton takes on pasture productivity during the 2018 Beef and Forage Days stop in Holland Feb. 1.

Markets and management at Manitoba Beef and Forage Days

Attendees to the 2018 Beef and Forage Days got both a window into the industry and a crystal ball on where it’s going next, including management strategies on the horizon

Manitoba’s beef industry got an update from the ground up last week. Manitoba Beef and Forage Days kicked off with topics like pasture management, grazing systems, traceability and a market forecast from Canfax. The tour made five stops in as many days from Minitonas to Vita during the last week of January, plus two independent