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Opinion: Canada’s work to reform WTO is a good sign

As nations turn inward the global order is being upended

Canada’s efforts to reform the World Trade Organization are commendable. It is apparent more countries are deciding to turn inwards rather than focusing on multilateral trade relationships. The United States, India, Italy and others have all taken actions domestically that have negatively impacted Canadian farmers. Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA) executive director Claire Citeau was

Canada has yet to sign the new three-way trade agreement between itself, United States and Mexico.

Lawmakers urged to pass CUSMA quickly

The bulk of concerns were raised by the dairy sector which is losing market share

An overwhelming majority of witnesses testifying to the Agriculture and Agri-Food Committee in Ottawa are supporting the quick ratification of the “new NAFTA” trade deal, but the dairy industry continues to voice its opposition. Parliamentarians in Ottawa represent the last of the three countries involved in the Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) to ratify the deal, with the law

Canada needs to be a place that will sustainably produce more food — not less — while retaining consumer trust and confidence, says David McInnes.

Workshops conclude more credibility needed for Canada food brand

The nation needs to up its game to become a food safety leader

A lot remains to be done to give the Canada brand the global cachet needed to make Canadian food exports international bestsellers, a series of cross-country workshops has concluded. Organized by Canada 2020, the workshops will conclude in November with a session in the national capital that is intended to pull together the ideas that

Politics and a renewed vigour of nationalism are making it increasingly difficult for international trade.

Agricultural trade looms as election issue

Farmers, most of whom rely on exports know it, and so does Ottawa as both face rising protectionism

Continuing trade turmoil is top of mind for Canadian farmers and the federal government heading into the October federal election. The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association (WCWGA) is demanding the government bulldoze barriers to Canadian agricultural exports. The Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA) has issued recommendations to protect and enhance Canadian agriculture and food exports.

Recent trade upsets shouldn’t obscure the long-term growth picture. Including the European Union (as a single market of 28 countries), Canada’s top export agri-food products markets are seen above.

Growing food exports a bright spot

The current trade dispute with China will see exports to that country drop in 2019

Amid all the negative trade news something positive: last year Canada exported a record $59.3 billion of agri-food products. That’s up three per cent from 2017, the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA) says in its April newsletter. “The gains are being fuelled by ever-increasing global demand for world-class Canadian products including in key markets such

Why so much Canadian canola has gone to China

The economic superpower is the biggest buyer of many agricultural products

China has been buying about 40 per cent of the canola seed Canada exports, so losing that market, even temporarily, is a blow. That’s a lot of eggs in one basket. But it shouldn’t be a surprise, says Brian Innes, the Canola Council of Canada’s (CCC) vice-president of public affairs and president of the Canadian

Shifting sands on international trade

Trade times have changed — and that puts Canada in a tough spot

So what’s caused this move to protectionism after decades of freer trade? Call it the Trump effect. The United States, once the world’s leader in multilateral trade promotion, has derailed trade as it tries to win better deals for itself. “(I)n all honesty it’s affecting a lot of countries around the world because a lot

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau delivers the fall economic update to Parliament Nov. 21.

Ottawa serves up faster depreciation in fall economic update

An enhanced export diversification strategy and commitment to competitiveness were also welcomed by farm groups

Farm and other business groups welcomed new equipment depreciation rules and a diversified export strategy, Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced in his fall economic update. The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA), Grain Growers of Canada (GGC), the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA) and the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) were among the groups welcoming the

China trade can be boosted

Agri-food exports could thrive but Canada needs to push to reduce tariffs and other trade barriers

China is a growing market for Canadian agri-food exports and could become even more important if it reduces tariffs and other trade barriers, says the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance. The call came as four federal cabinet ministers were in China to discuss improved relations. While a free trade deal with China seems far away, proposals

Editorial: Volatility likely to linger

When you are as dependent on exports as Canadian farmers, the ability to weather volatile markets has to be part of the business plan. The Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance says Canada exports half of the beef and cattle produced, 70 per cent of its soybeans, 70 per cent of its pork production, 75 per cent