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Robert Gikunda trains Mary Karimi, a project participant, on how to use smartphones for data collection at a hotel in Mukothima, Tharaka Nithi County, Kenya on October 2, 2020.

Recovery will be a long haul, says Canadian Foodgrains Bank

In the midst of deepening worldwide need, Canadian donors stepped up

For some families in countries without social safety nets, surviving the COVID-19 pandemic has forced them to eat less or sell assets that might have helped them recover, says the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. “The numbers of people who will be experiencing hunger are going up,” said Musu Taylor-Lewis, director of resources and public engagement at

Jim Cornelius visits with Victoria Loki and her baby, Cecilia, in South Sudan in 2015.

Always on mission

Outgoing Canadian Foodgrains Bank executive director Jim Cornelius reflects on a career of international development

The food aid was two months late. Niger was in the grip of drought and for many complicated reasons, the food aid the Canadian Foodgrains Bank had ordered had not reached the village Jim Cornelius was visiting that morning. He sat under a tree with a woman and her child. As she told him they

African farmers disrupted by COVID will benefit from funds from the Canadian government. The Canadian Foodgrains Bank says such help is sorely needed.

Federal funds to help African farmers

The $3-million program will focus on supporting small-scale farmers hit hard by COVID-19 disruptions

New funding from the federal government will support small-scale farmers in Africa, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank announced September 3. “The small-scale farmers we work with in developing countries have been significantly impacted by COVID-19 prevention methods,” said outgoing Foodgrains Bank executive director Jim Cornelius in a news release. “Drastic efforts to reduce the spread of

David Kayi, a Hello Tractor engineer, installs an application on a John Deere 5503 tractor, using the Hello Tractor technology that connects farmers with vehicles’ owners, at a hay farm at Umande village in Nanyuki, Kenya on Feb. 4, 2020. (Photo: Reuters/Njeri Mwangi)

Deere taps tractor-hailing tech in bid to break ground in Africa

Low incomes, lack of credit hobble African mechanization

Nanyuki, Kenya/Johannesburg | Reuters — It’s ride-hailing, farm style. Deere and Co. is teaming up with the “Uber of tractors” in Africa and betting on a future where farmers summon machines with the touch of a button. The world’s leading farm equipment maker is outfitting its tractors with startup Hello Tractor’s technology, which allows farmers

A spray plane flies over a swarm of desert locusts at Lemasulani village in Kenya’s Samburu County on Jan. 17, 2020. (Photo: Reuters/Njeri Mwangi)

Drones to be tested against Africa’s locust swarms

U.N.'s FAO testing drones to detect, spray pests

Nairobi | Thomson Reuters Foundation — The United Nations is to test drones equipped with mapping sensors and atomizers to spray pesticides in parts of east Africa battling an invasion of desert locusts that are ravaging crops and exacerbating a hunger crisis. Hundreds of millions of the voracious insects have swept across Ethiopia, Somalia and

A panel discussion followed the premiere of “Common Strength.” Pictured (left to right): Carol Thiessen, Colleen Dyck, Meagan Silencieux, Theresa Rempel Mulaire.

Documentary explores women farmers’ role in ending hunger

‘Common Strength’ shows Kenyan farm life through the eyes of a ‘fish out of water’ Manitoba woman

Documentary “Common Strength,” exploring how empowering women farmers frees them to feed their families and flourish in their communities, debuted in Winnipeg on October 15. “If we’re not talking about women in agriculture, we’re missing a huge swath of women,” said Carol Thiessen, senior policy adviser with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, which sponsored the film. Why

Colleen (r) and Lucy take a walk on her farm in Kenya.

Niverville farmer featured in documentary about reducing hunger

Colleen Dyck travelled halfway around the world to meet a Kenyan farmer who is teaching agricultural skills to women in her community

A Manitoba farmer will star in a documentary about the impact of empowering women farmers around the world. “It was quite incredible,” said Colleen Dyck, who farms with her husband and four children near Niverville. “I feel like I got this university education in like two weeks.” This spring, Dyck spent eight days with a

Serafine and her family are now healthier than they’ve ever been.

Planting seeds of change in Rwanda

ADRA Canada supports and educates mothers so children can survive and thrive

When you hear the word “Rwanda” what comes to your mind? If you’re like many people, it’s the tragic genocide that happened in 1993. For others, it might be images of rolling, lush hills of various shades of green, a kind of African Ireland. Or maybe, you have memories of travels to this tiny but

Myrna Ronald, a volunteer for Focus Africa, with their display at Manitoba Farm Women’s Conference.

Focus Africa — helping women in need

Winnipeg group partners with African-led resource centre

Focus Africa is a small group of Winnipeggers, half Canadian born and half African born, who partner with Beacon of Hope (BOH), an African-led resource centre in a slum near Nairobi, Kenya. Myrna Ronald is one of numerous volunteers raising money to help Beacon of Hope. She has accompanied her husband (an Infectious Disease physician)