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OUR HISTORY: April 19, 1962

Our April 26, 1962 issue reported on ice jams and flash floods in southern and western Manitoba, conditions in stark contrast to the news item below, which was on slow pasture recovery following the drought of 1961, the driest year on record in Western Canada. Accordingly, another story reported that on-farm grain stocks were the lowest since the 1930s.

Editor Q.H. Martinson warned that European brome and fescue seed buyers had become insistent on couch-free seed, and said that those with infested fields should “give up all hopes for the future and abandon the couch-infested fields for the purpose of seed production.”

Martinson also noted the increasing popularity of both rapeseed and mustard, but that due to the possibility of cross-contamination, “every effort should be made to grow these respective crops in widely separated areas.”

Another story reported on the bankruptcy of Brandon Packers, which would later be purchased by Manitoba Pool and operated (unsuccessfully after a few years) as Pool Packers.



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