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Open valves on pivot in January cause major damage

Vandals who opened a valve on an irrigation pivot in January have left a Carberry-area potato farmer with a major repair bill — and an unwanted skating rink.

Paul Adriaansen, who operates Spud Hill Farms, said that judging by the meter, the pump ran for about 1,000 hours starting on Jan. 20 before he noticed that it was running and shut it off.

He doesn’t know exactly who did it, but did say that he has some “theories” that aren’t fit for print.

“Vandals, kids, whoknows?” said Adriaansen, adding that the cost of fixing the pivot and underground pipeline would run about $40,000.

The pivot was located in an out-of-the-way area that normally isn’t accessible during the winter. However, the lack of snowfall this year has opened up access to the field, and he’s seen many people “cruising around those back roads.”

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