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Nimble Herbicide Approved

Cheminova’s Nimble herbicide – a selective, post-emergence product – has received Canadian registration. Nimble Herbicide controls broadleaf weeds in wheat, spring barley and oats, and seedling and established grass species for forage and seed production only.

The product is now available throughout Canada, via select Cheminova distributors and dealers. “We are excited to formally announce this registration, and to begin offering Nimble Herbicide to our Canadian customers,” says Doug McLean, country manager, Cheminova Canada Inc. in a release.

“This product is ideal for those growers who are seeking application flexibility, as well as effective, broad-spectrum control of a variety of broadleaf weeds.”

Nimble Herbicide is available in a water dispersible granule formulation, and is packaged in 320-gram bottles with each case containing eight bottles. Active ingredients are thifensulfuronmethyl and tribenuron-methyl.



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