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Measures Announced For Retiring Old Vehicles

Manitoba is acting on the advice of independent environmental and industry experts and taking new steps to ensure vehicles on the province’s roads and highways create less greenhouse gas, Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie has announced.

“We are acting on the advice of the Manitoba Vehicle Standards Advisory Board and adopting new measures that will get older vehicles off the road and help reduce greenhouse gas and other toxic emissions,” Blaikie said.

The measures include:

Manitoba motorists can now receive $440 as a result of Manitoba’s $140-per-vehicle top-up of the federal Retire Your Ride Program delivered by the Lung Association of Manitoba;

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) will no longer sell pre-1995 vehicles written off through the regular claims process unless purchased by the owner. Currently those vehicles can be resold at auction and repaired;

Car dealers can no longer import vehicles manufactured before 1995. Classic cars are exempt from this restriction.

In addition to these measures, the Manitoba government is acting on the Vehicle Standards Advisory Board recommendation to rededicate resources used through the current hybrid rebate program to other consumer incentive measures to reduce greenhouse gas. The hybrid rebate will be eliminated at the end of October.

“Environmental and industry experts told us Manitobans would be better served with a program that ensured that vehicles which produce the most greenhouse gases are retired and replaced by newer, cleaner-burning vehicles, which can be vehicles other than hybrids,” Blaikie said. “We take that advice seriously.”

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