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Take precautions to minimize risks of tick exposure

Blacklegged ticks are known to carry three serious illnesses

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living is reminding Manitobans that tick-borne diseases are completely preventable. People can protect themselves by performing regular tick checks after spending time outdoors, knowing where blacklegged ticks (also known as deer ticks) are located, minimizing the risk of exposure, and recognizing the signs

Province increases Shellmouth Reservoir outflows

Decision makes room for forecasted runoff, water levels to rise from two to three feet

Province of Manitoba – The Hydrologic Forecast Centre of Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation advises that outflows from the Shellmouth Reservoir will be increased today by an additional 500 cubic feet per second (cfs) down the Assiniboine River to better manage reservoir water levels. Outflow from the dam was increased last week from approximately 1,900 cfs in

Province advises spring run-off has started in Manitoba

Red River peak expected to move from Emerson to Winnipeg in next ive to six days

Province of Manitoba – The Hydrologic Forecast Centre at Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation advises that spring run-off due to snowmelt has started in most of the southern, southwest, southeast and Interlake regions. Above-freezing temperatures earlier this month in southern and central Manitoba, adjacent provinces and the United States have led to an early spring melt.  The

ice fishing

Province urges fishers to remove ice shacks from lakes, rivers in southern Manitoba

Warm weather is impacting ice conditions

Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship urges anyone with an ice shack on a lake or river in southern Manitoba to remove the structure as soon as possible, as long as ice conditions are safe to do so. Warm temperatures are causing ice conditions across much of southern Manitoba, from Lake of the Prairies to Dauphin

Province expands subsidies to prevent basement flooding

Municipalities are offering up to $3,000 for homeowners to install sump pumps, pits and in-line backwater valves

The province is strongly encouraging homeowners across Manitoba to take advantage of the current subsidy program offered by 22 municipalities to help reduce the risk of basement flooding, Local Government Minister Ron Lemieux said in an April 15 release. “The threat of flooding has become an all-too-frequent reality facing Manitoba families and municipalities. That’s why

The Food Fight is on

Manitobans with a flair for inventing new food products are encouraged to participate in the seventh annual Great Manitoba Food Fight. “Every product on store shelves today started off as an idea,” said Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives Minister Ron Kostyshyn. “Whether it’s an old family recipe or a solution to a health issue, new

Western provinces harmonize trucking rules

Truckers travelling across the four western provinces will face consistent operating rules when using trailer units, which will lower hauling costs and increase efficiency within the industry, Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Steve Ashton announced Feb. 8. “This agreement will benefit our trucking industry because it means big trucks travelling to and from Manitoba will have

Province adjusts highway weight allowances

Proposed amendments to the Highway Traffic Act would permit businesses and farmers to carry heavier loads sooner when weather permits and would allow the province to implement detours for heavy vehicles more efficiently when disaster strikes, Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Steve Ashton announced today. “These proposed amendments will help drive rural economic growth by allowing

Healthy Food Initiative Receives Additional Funds

The province is championing healthy eating among children in the North by partnering with communities and schools with an initial investment of $75,000 as part of its childhood obesity strategy, Healthy Living, Youth and Seniors Minister Jim Rondeau and Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Minister Eric Robinson announced April 11. “Ensuring access to affordable healthy foods

Fishing Lake Compromise Reached

The governments of Saskatchewan and Manitoba have reached an agreement on Saskatchewan’s flood protection plan for Fishing Lake. Both provinces are facing the potential for severe spring flooding and have worked to ensure that flood peaks in Manitoba will not be increased by release of water from Fishing Lake. The emergency flood protection plan for