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Make a Pretty Prose Chalkboard

Perfect for quick reminders, this gift will be enjoyed all year long. Never miss another important message from each other as you hurry through your day.


• Wooden plaque

• Protective gloves

• Dynamic Chalkboard • Paint (946-ml can — black) —available at paint stores

• 3-inch-wide foam brush

• Solvents for cleanup (see paint can for recommended ones)

• 2 small eyehole screws and sturdy string or picture hanging wire

• Cloth ribbon to decorate edges

• Low-temp glue gun


Read the directions on the Chalkboard paint can. Clean the surface of the plaque with soap and water to remove any dirt or oils. Paint surface and sides with Chalkboard paint. Let dry. Follow instructions on the can to apply second coat.

Once completely dry, start at the bottom of the plaque and attach the end of the ribbon. Using the glue gun, slowly attach ribbon around the plaque. Overlap the ends. Create a bow and glue it over the overlapping ends of ribbon border.

Into the top third, on the back of the plaque, screw in the eyehole screws. Tie a sturdy string to each screw. Hang the Pretty Prose Chalkboard in an easy-to-reach area close to a supply of chalk.

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