LCH.Clearnet raises margins on Paris rapeseed, milk futures

PARIS, Sept 10 (Reuters) - LCH.Clearnet, the clearing house
for the Euronext commodity exchange, said on Tuesday it would
raise initial margins for Paris-based rapeseed and skimmed milk
powder futures as of Sept. 16.
    The table below gives regular initial margins (RIM) per
Euronext futures contract, together with daily price limits
(DPL) at which further margin calls are triggered.
    Margins are in euros per lot of 50 tonnes, except for the
skimmed milk powder contract, which has 24-tonne lots.
    Contract                      New RIM  Previous RIM   DPL 
    Milling wheat             700         700      12
    Rapeseed                 1100        1000      18
    Maize (corn)              650         650      11
    Malting barley            850         850      14
    Skimmed milk powder     3000        2640     100

 (Reporting by Sybille de La Hamaide)

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