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Crop Report – for May. 28, 2009


Cereal crop seeding is 75 per cent complete, canola is 55 per cent complete, peas are 100 per cent complete, flax is 25 per cent complete and sunflowers are 40 per cent complete. Planting of silage corn has started. Earlyseeded crops are emerging.

Pastures are improving and producers are moving cattle to pasture.

Flea beetle activity on volunteer canola is being reported.


Progress of cereal seeding varies across the region, with 10 per cent complete at The Pas, 35 per cent complete on the eastern side of the region, and 90 per cent complete across the western side of the region. Canola seeding ranges from 10 to 75 per cent complete. There has been limited seeding in the areas around Alonsa, McCreary and south of Laurier.

A few early-seeded cereal and canola fields have emerged.

Hayfields and pasture growth have been limited by cool conditions.


Seeding progress in the region varies from zero to 100 per cent complete. In the Somerset, Treherne and Portage la Prairie areas, cereal seeding is 60 to 100 per cent complete. In the Starbuck, Morris and Altona areas, cereal seeding is 50 per cent complete, canola is 35 per cent complete, potatoes are 20 per cent complete and special crops are 20 per cent complete. Ninety per cent of the potatoes are planted at Treherne and 50 per cent are planted at Portage la Prairie.

Water continues to recede from fields along the main rivers. Where water has receded, the fields remain too wet for field work.

As a result of winterkill, a number of winter wheat fields are being reseeded to spring wheat, canola, soybeans, flax or corn.

With warmer temperatures, annual weeds are emerging and winter annual weeds are starting to flower.

Hayfields and pastures continue to grow as a result of warmer temperatures. In some areas of the region, winterkill in hayfields is being reported.


Seeding of wheat, barley and oats is 10 to 25 per cent complete. Canola seeding is 10 to 25 per cent complete and soybeans are five to 10 per cent complete. Corn planting ranges from just starting to 35 per cent complete. Fifteen per cent of the sunflowers are seeded. The majority of seeding operations has occurred in the south-central districts of the region.

As a result of winterkill, a large number of winter wheat fields in the region are being terminated. Winter wheat fields that remain in production are rated as poor to fair.

Hayfields and pasture conditions are rated as fair to good with growth continuing to be slow. Winterkill is being reported in some hayfields.


Seeding progress varies from zero to 80 per cent complete, with an average of 20 per cent complete in the region. Seeding operations have been limited in areas north of Teulon. In the Warren and Stonewall areas seeding is 75 per cent complete. As a result of winterkill, a large number of winter wheat fields will need to be reseeded once field conditions improve.

Alfalfa hay crops in the south Interlake have been affected by winterkill. Forage crops are slow to start. Producers are moving cattle to pasture.

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