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Manitoba Crop Report: 2018 season summary

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for October 29

Southwest Region Weather conditions were dry and seedbed was very dry especially in southern parts of the region. Dry conditions in most of the region during July and August. Rainfall and below than normal temperatures in September and early October cause the significant delay in harvest and no major benefit to crops as most of […] Read more

Dry weather, sunshine help push harvest progress

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for October 22

Southwest Region Nice weather towards the end of week/over weekend, with minor showers on Friday night that stopped harvesting on Saturday. Harvest progress is increasing each day, with overall harvest at 85 per cent done. South of highway #1 90 per cent and North is 80 per cent done. Click here for the Crop Weather […] Read more

Cold, wet conditions slow harvest, livestock culling begins

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for October 15

Southwest Region Colder and wet conditions prevented harvest progress for the past week.  Friday was dry enough for harvesting and fieldwork to start, but snow and rain came in the afternoon.  Snow on the weekend and very cold temperatures most of the nights.  Temperature reported down to -14C on some nights.  Day temperature was also […] Read more

Little harvest progress, snowfall causes lodging in standing crops

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for October 9

Southwest Region Unseasonally cool and wet weather swept the region with rain and snow, precipitation amounts between 10 to 45mm.  Soils also still cooling and are at 5C. Northern parts of the region got more moisture as compared to southern parts. Wasagaming had 45mm, Newdale, Shoal Lake and Oakburn areas had 25mm. Air temperatures were […] Read more

Harvest progress slow, hard frost seen across Manitoba

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for October 1

Southwest Region Cloudy, cool, rainy conditions with high humidity prevailed for the week, but cleared on the weekend to allow for marginal harvest progress. Rainfall accumulation was low with 2 to 10 mm received for the week providing some topsoil and sub soil moisture recharge. Daytime temperatures hovered in the single digit above zero to […] Read more

Wet, cool conditions continue to slow harvest, now 73 per cent complete

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for September 24

Southwest Region Rain showers across the region ranging from 8mm (Waskada) to 39 mm (Eden). All areas received some rain. More rain and snow in Northern parts of the region.  Hamiota, Rivers, Newdale got 3 to 4 inches of snow on the weekend.  Temperature was well below 0C during most of the nights.  Cloudy and […] Read more

Rainfall, cool temps stall harvest, crop yields seen variable

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for September 17

Southwest Region Cool, wet weather throughout the week, hindered harvest operations.  Rainfall amounts were very variable, but higher accumulation in southern part of region. Daytime temperatures also cooler, which did not help in drying crops. Harvest in region is 75 per cent complete overall. Cereal harvest is 90 to 95 per cent complete and canola […] Read more

Manitoba harvest 65 per cent complete, dugout levels seen low

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for September 10

Southwest Region Another dry and windy week let producers continue with harvest. Reports of light frost in northern areas of the region. Some damage to crops where temperatures dropped down to -4C or for light frost for extended periods. Harvest is 70 per cent complete overall. Reports of grain bugs in storage in the southwest […] Read more

Assessing frost damage on crops

Fall frost information bulletin from Manitoba Agriculture

If frost does occur, the information below will give you some details to help assess any potential impact to crop yield and quality. The full impact of frost will not be obvious immediately. Several warm days may be required for the extent of leaf and crop damage to be evident. The magnitude of frost injury […] Read more

Sub-zero temperatures descend on Manitoba

Special Crop Report due to early fall frost on Sept. 5

Sub-zero temperatures were recorded in Southwest, Northwest, Central and Interlake stations overnight. Sub-zero temperature and duration of temperature are important factors to consider for their effect on immature crops. Where frost occurred, crops susceptible at present maturity are canola, soybean and silage corn. Producers are cautioned that frost that occurred on greenfeed and corn can […] Read more