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Tips For The Kitchen

Here’s some hints that will come in handy when cooking:

Use muffin tins as moulds when making stuffed peppers.

A few drops of lemon juice added to the water will result in whiter potatoes.

Add a little milk to the water when cooking cauliflower. It will remain attractively white.

More juice is obtained from a drying-out lemon if it is soaked in very hot water before squeezing it.

For quick and handy seasoning, keep on hand a large shaker with six parts salt, one part pepper.

Rinse a pan in cold water before scalding milk to prevent sticking.

When creaming shortening and sugar together, rinse the bowl with boiling water. They’ll cream faster.

When measuring shortening or butter, dip the spoon in hot water – dry it – it will slip off the spoon more readily.

You will get better baking results if you preheat cake pans, cookie sheets and muffin tins.

A sprinkle of salt in the frying pan will help prevent spattering.

Soak oranges in boiling water for five minutes before peeling. Peel and white pulp will come off easily.

Cutting hard skin of squash is made easy by placing whole squash in the microwave on high for a few minutes.

To eliminate cabbage odour while cooking, place an open dish of vinegar on the stove.

Never use soap on cast iron frying pans. Scour well using warm water, let them dry then oil lightly before storing.

A sprinkle of raw sugar – (coarse) over unbaked muffins and pie crusts adds a nice touch.

To soften hardened cookies, place them uncovered in microwave with a mug of hot water – uncovered – low setting. Check after a minute or two.

Shaved chocolate – Use good-quality chocolate block. Bar should be cold, directly out of refrigerator. Hold with paper towel. Pass vegetable peeler over narrow side of block. Chocolate will curl like wood shavings.

Salted water will cool a hot dish more quickly than plain cold water.

For tossed salads, make vinaigrette dressing at least a half-hour beforehand to blend flavours. Pour dressing down side of bowl instead of directly on salad greens then toss. This gives a more evenly dressed salad.

Microwave garlic cloves for 15 seconds. The skins will slip off easily.

– Eva Krawchuk writes from Winnipeg

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