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Reuse Those Old Cases

If you have empty CD cases lying around, put them to use. Five of them can be used to make an attractive and useful box, and the pictures you use to decorate them can be a hint as to what they hold. The one in the photo will be used to store seed packages, so I decorated it with photos of flowers from our garden, but pictures from seed catalogues would work as well.

Photos of grandchildren or family would be a hit with grandparents.

To mark a special occasion like a birthday, the box could be decorated with recycled greeting cards and filled with goodies. Or use pictures of the recipient’s favourite sport or hobby.

At Christmas, a festive box could be used to hold the cards you receive. At Easter, a nest of shredded cellophane and Easter eggs in an appropriately decorated box will delight a child.

A row of pretty boxes holding craft supplies is another idea. Depending upon your imagination and your décor, I’m sure you’ll come up with all sorts of uses for these boxes around the house. If nothing else, they can be used to hold current CDs, an attractive addition to your home.


-Five clear-plastic CD cases -Pictures or photos cut to fit -Hot glue gun


With hinge side up, insert your chosen pictures into four of the CD cases and snap shut. (If your photos are not quite large enough, frame them with paper in a complementary colour.)

Glue the four sides together. Make sure the hinge parts are all at the top, with photos right side up on the outside of the box.

When glue has set along the sides, turn box upside down, run a bead of glue along all four edges (work quickly!) and glue on the bottom. (It will not fit perfectly. There will be a slight projection on two sides, so centre the bottom accordingly.) Let dry completely before using.

To partition the box, an extra CD case or two can be glued inside as dividers.

– Alma Barkman writes from Winnipeg, Manitoba

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