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Rent A Tool And Get Things Done


Be f o r e calling for help, consider renting equipment to get the job done fast and affordably. Items that you may never have imagined renting are accessible to every handyman and woman.

Wallpaper Steamer: Although it is possible to remove wallpaper using household techniques, renting a wallpaper steamer will make the job easier. Steam one corner and pull. The paper tears off with little effort. Wallpaper steamers work best if the wall has old wallpaper or paint underneath the top layer.

Sewer Auger/Toilet Snake/ Drain Cleaner: Drop something down the toilet and everything is plugged up? The toilet snake will reach in and grab the object. This appliance works much like a fishhook to draw out the culprit.

Appliance Dolly: Save your back, knees and shoulders by picking up this item for a day or two. The dolly has “walking wheels” making it easy to transport appliances up and down stairs or from room to room.

Mosquito Fogger: What will you do this summer when company is on the way over for a barbecue, and the mosquitoes are already partying? The mosquito fogger allows you to spray prior to the evening activities, creating a fog that detracts mosquitoes and allows your guests to sit outside without being “bugged.”

Floor Sanders: Many homes have beautiful hardwood flooring that needs to be maintained. When preparing hardwood floors for refinishing, start by sanding the floors to create a smooth, even layer of flooring before applying the finish.

Texturing Machine: Whether your home is new or old you may choose to texture the ceiling, either to hide uneven areas or for the esthetic appeal. The texturing machine creates a nice finish to most ceilings.

Tip: Paint sprayers are also available and less awkward than using brushes and rollers. Use a paint sprayer to apply primer as well as topcoats.

Electric Pressure Washer: When you begin to spring clean, you might as well have a blast. The electric pressure washer is great for cleaning: decks, siding, cement pads etc.

Extension Cords: Many people attach one cord on to another in order to achieve the length they need to carry out a project. The disadvantage is that by linking cords together, machines tend to lose power. Heavy-duty extension cords make jobs easier by using one proper cord, as opposed to several. Great for hedge and grass trimmers, chainsaws etc.

Magnetic Sweeper: This tool will be your best friend after completing a shingling project. The sweeper picks up nails and screws off of the ground to help you avoid stepping on sharp objects.

Tip: Metal detectors are also available for finding lost keys, cellphones, property stakes, rings etc.

Ladders: Using the proper tool for any job is the key to home improvement safety and satisfaction. Multi ladders/stair ladders are used in place of scaffolding. Rent extension or step ladders depending on the requirements of the job.

Carpet Dryer: This efficient piece of equipment may be used in conjunction with commercial dehumidifiers. The advantage of a carpet dryer is that it can fit into tight spaces (i. e. crawl space, basements) and works well to dry underneath rugs.

Log Splitters: Wood stoves have gained in popularity over the past years and purchasing uncut eight-foot wood logs is more affordable than pre-cut wood. Cut the wood with a chainsaw and then use the log splitter to “split” to desired length.

Drywall Lift: If you are hanging drywall by yourself, consider a drywall lift because it allows one person to hang and fasten drywall without assistance. This handy-dandy helper also folds down for transport inside car trunks.

Wood Chipper: Tow a gas-powered wood chipper behind your truck and use it to turn limbs/ branches into one-to two-inch usable wood chips (not potato chips unfortunately). Free wood chips in minutes – what could be better?

Popular tool rentals for winter months include heaters and tarps, and in the summer, tillers and lawn rakes. Also available are: air compressors, air tools, tile cutters, carpet cleaners, cement mixers, insulation blowers, drills, digging and fencing equipment, leaf Special thanks to Brad Penner at Penn-Co Tool Rentals, Blumenort, Manitoba.

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