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Elias Wipf with some intarsia pieces created by him and his students.

Teaching the art of intarsia

Decker Colony teacher shares woodworking passion with this mosaic wood art

Elias Wipf, a member of the Decker Colony and teacher at the school, has always been fascinated by the natural appearance of wood. This led him to the perfect hands-on craft — intarsia wood art — a mosaic of different types of lumber. “All of the different pieces of wood have their natural colours and

Anna Maendel (l) explaining the quilt project to Barb Pantel.

Quilts warm hearts of L’Arche Homes residents

Customized quilts given out at special celebration with quilter Anna Maendel present

The residents of Winnipeg’s seven L’Arche Homes gathered at Dayspring House in late summer to participate in a unique celebration: each of the men and women was presented with a customized quilt made with fabric featuring personal preferences — animals, hobbies, interests and colours. Before the quilts were presented four new assistants were welcomed —

two women standing with decorative tractor quilt

Let’s cover rural Manitoba with ‘barn quilts,’ say Ag Museum staff

Inspired by other barn quilt trails of southern Ontario and Iowa, staff with the Manitoba Agricultural Museum at Austin hung out their own barn quilt on Mother’s Day and are working with other communities to piece together a map of where more will eventually be found

Eunice and Doug Pratt were heading south through Iowa for a U.S. holiday when they spotted the first ‘barn quilt’ — a brilliant-coloured quilt block affixed to the front of a barn. But it wasn’t made with fabric. It was a large, colourful wooden eight-foot-square painted replica of a quilt block, and one of many

white kitchen sink in a home

Decorating your home with white need not be boring

Here’s some tips to create a warm and relaxing room

Do you need to create a serene oasis in your home to get away from the busyness of life? A white-on-white palette is calming and subdued and easy on the eyes. To keep it from feeling too institutional, follow some of these suggestions: Choose a warm white A stark white with blue undertones can make

artwork quilt

Rugs elevate bygone Prairie symbol

An exhibit of exquisite hooked art rugs by the Heritage Rug Hookers of Saskatoon on six-community tour of Manitoba

An art exhibit of the gone-but-not-forgotten Prairie grain elevator is helping revive a once common craft of Prairie homemakers, too. A collection of 40 hooked rugs, each depicting a grain elevator, is now on display in Carman. The collection — which has been displayed at about 20 galleries in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and, most recently Virden

Paperless gift bags

The colours, textures and designs of fabric allow you to get creative, and even the smaller pieces are useful. Recently, a friend brought me a large bagful of remnants of the most delightful designs, one being plastic bandages! I was able to make three bags in different sizes from the piece. Now the first sick

FCC honours five women leaders in agriculture

The Rosemary Davis Award recipients 
receive an all-expense-paid trip to a Boston leadership conference

Winnipeg geneticist and professor, Silvie Cloutier is among five women to receive the 2013 Rosemary Davis award from Farm Credit Canada (FCC). The award recognizes outstanding Canadian women for their leadership and commitment to the Canadian agriculture and agri-food industry. Cloutier’s research has been used in plant-breeding programs to protect crops from disease, improve production

Be prepared for overnight guests

Having a lovely guest bedroom prepared says a lot about you and your home. It speaks to your willingness and readiness to welcome and pamper overnight guests. Whether it’s for a far-off relative for a long-overdue visit or a grandchild for the weekend, a beautiful guest room is a wonderful idea that will compliment you

Make your own chenille fabric

Making chenille is a good way to use up leftover pieces of material. Once you begin, you’ll have many ideas for what to use it for. Here’s a cushion cover project to help get you started You’ll need five unwashed 16×16-inch pieces of cotton for each top. Layer the fabric (right side up), with feature

New association formed to regulate tile drainage installers

Post-2011 flood rush to install tile drains led to many costly
mistakes, says vice-president of the newly formed Manitoba 
Agricultural Water Management Association

A boom in tile drainage resulted in slipshod work and prompted the creation of an association dedicated to ensuring such work is done by reputable operators who know what they are doing. “The association along with Water Stewardship is working towards a fair way to ensure that tile installers are both properly trained and certified,”