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Create cosy rooms in your house this winter

Create cosy rooms in your house this winter

Try a few decorating changes to help get you through those long, cold months

Winter will soon be upon us. Plan now for decorating changes that will get you through the cold months with warmth and comfort. A few updates are all you need to take you through the winter season. Warm fall colours and cosy textures are great additions to take you from summer to winter. This doesn’t

Try a textured wall surface

Try a textured wall surface

Around the House: Lots of different products available to create an interesting look

Textured wall surfaces are a current popular trend. Walls adorned with brick, barn board or other textural products bring a sense of warmth and interest to any room. As you can see in the photo, the worn wooden wall treatment behind the bed provides lovely detail. Textured wall treatments can bring a feeling of history,

Weekend kitchen updates

Walls Try a different look with a fresh coat of paint in a cheery new colour. You don’t necessarily have to paint the entire room to get the updated look you desire. You can paint just a focal wall or paint a band of the new colour on the wall near the ceiling. If you

Faux Finishes Still Popular

The faux finish craze of the past has faded away for the most part, but textured and mottled paint treatments can still be stylish if not overdone. The bedroom in the photo has an Old World appeal and charm, mainly due to the lovely, dappled paint finish. The treatment provides depth and pattern and the

Time For A Change?

Will winter ever end? I feel like I’ve been trapped indoors a long time, and the more time I spend within my four walls, the more I want to make changes to them. You know the feeling, time to bring in some rich tones and textures to replace a dated, tired look. But unlike my

Quick Decorating Projects

Sm a l l project s can have a big impact on your décor. With our busy lives we don’t always have time for a huge redecorat ing commi tment so we get overwhelmed and don’t do anything at all. If you’re at the point where your room needs help but you can’t make a

Rent A Tool And Get Things Done

RENA NERBAS Be f o r e calling for help, consider renting equipment to get the job done fast and affordably. Items that you may never have imagined renting are accessible to every handyman and woman. Wallpaper Steamer: Although it is possible to remove wallpaper using household techniques, renting a wallpaper steamer will make the

Money-Saving Décor Ideas

CONNIE OLIVER AROUND THE HOUSE The economy is on everyone’s mind these days. The more you hear about the recession the more you think twice about spending money on unnecessary i t ems . Ev e n the home décor industry, which is usually considered recession-proof, is noticing a slowdown. The recession is also seeing