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Late-Winter Anticipation

By March I eagerly look forward to spring and summer. Certain activities make me excited about these seasons, evoking the best feelings on earth for me. They are:

Opening the windows that have been shut all winter. Breathing in the fresh country air.

Tilling the garden and being in touch with the soil again. Thankful that I have all the land I need to plant a garden. Smelling the musky, pungent odour of the soil as I plant. Eating the first baby potatoes of the season. Seeing my first hummingbird of the year. Hearing the frogs croaking.

Hearing the birds singing through my open window. Watching the goldfinches at the feeders.

Eating my first roasted hotdog of the season, done over an open bonfire. Roasting marshmallows.

Taking my grandchildren on outdoor walks. Smelling the freshly mown hay.

Enjoying the sunshine and the green of trees and grass. Kneeling in prayer to thank God for these wonderful creations. Thankful that I made it to another season. Snuggling down in bed after a good day’s work.

Waking up refreshed to enjoy another day with so many favourite things around.

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