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Stop By For Coffee

When many small rural businesses are closing their doors, Denise Collins is thrilled to be reversing this trend by opening her new business Back Porch Coffeehouse & Store in Linden, Manitoba. She welcomed customers with a smile on Oct. 23, when the store opened in the small village located a few miles west of Landmark.

Visit The Scarecrow Forest At Penner Pumpkins

Now there’s a neat idea, I thought as I read the roadside sign advertising “Penner Pumpkins and the Scarecrow Forest.” I quickly memorized the posted website and planned to get more information. In spite of the cold weather the following weekend, my children and I bundled up and headed out. We travelled towards Steinbach on

Apple Cider Fresh From The Press

Each time I walked by the bags of apples in my garage, I felt guilty. They were beautiful, small crabapples but I couldn’t find time to juice them. In previous autumns I would have spent hours quartering each apple, boiling water and sealing jars. This year, I couldn’t even find a few minutes in my

Cruising Down Country Roads

He checked the wheat fields and spotted where seeders had missed narrow strips in the fields. There’s something to be said for a drive in the country on a lazy summer afternoon. As a child, a country drive was part of our monthly visit to my grandparents’ home. Inevitably after his afternoon nap, Grandpa would

Summer Camp — An Opportunity To Grow

Often it was the first lengthy separation for both mother and child. For the heart of a child in its buoyancy, is one that is pure and free. So put me in touch with the heart of a child, of the person that is to be. – C. Burtis Hunter Summer camp – a place

A Mother’s Poem

When you reach the right age I will teach you how to pop pea pods and pick cherry tomatoes, how to make pumpkin pie from scratch, milk a cow by hand. And you’ll teach me of butterfly wings, pebble shapes and designs, animal clouds in the sky. And I can’t wait. As you grow, I’ll

Bigger Isn’t Always Better – for Apr. 23, 2009

Iwanted my own big garden and last year I got it. My husband added dry manure and we cultivated and tilled the soil until the rich black mulch crumbled in our hands. Finally, warm weather arrived and in May, I placed hundreds of seeds in the ground after carefully reading the instructions on each envelope.

Remembering Grandma’s Pump Organ

Some sounds ring forever in one’s ear and so it was with a favourite childhood instrument – my grandmother’s pump organ. Like most pump organs of its time, my grandparents probably purchased it from W. Gundy who opened his music business in Winnipeg in 1887. Gundy went into partnership with his brother to create the

Get Out The Green On March 17

According to the Christian legend, St. Patrick used this three-leaf clover to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity to his audience. Shamrocks. Leprechauns. The colour green. That’s all that came to mind when I flipped my calendar to the month of March and saw the words “St. Patrick’s Day” on March 17. As a junior