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Make some plant markers

In order to identify the rows of her newly seeded garden, my neighbour used to put the empty seed packet upside down on a stick at the end of the row, but it would often be blown off or watered into a pile of dirty pulp. Fed up with this, she started purchasing the plastic

Recycle some baling twine

Here’s a perfect way to recycle some of that baling twine and create a new watch strap. The strap is elasticized to fit most sizes and the loom is made from shish kebab skewers. (Shorter sticks result in the weave sliding down the elastic when being removed from the stick, causing the elastic to stretch

Low-maintenance topiary

Watering is all you’ll have to do once this is made I have always loved the look of formal gardens but they are far too much work to maintain, so I designed a pair of “lollypops” to sit in formal urns on either side of my front door. You could call this low-maintenance topiary art.

A gift of love

My sister-in-law has multiple health problems and needs a cane to walk safely. She’s been given walking sticks, hiking sticks and a normal cane. The problem is, however, that she has nothing in her collection that is pretty — you know — to dress up and go out. I remedied that with a pretty floral

Tackboard push-pins

Our neighbour is an avid gardener who spends the winter making plans for her garden. To keep track of the best choices, she tacks up seed packets on a garden room tackboard. These push-pins for her tackboard will add a clever and appealing touch. I plan to give them to her in an attractive old