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Make some plant markers

In order to identify the rows of her newly seeded garden, my neighbour used to put the empty seed packet upside down on a stick at the end of the row, but it would often be blown off or watered into a pile of dirty pulp. Fed up with this, she started purchasing the plastic plant identifier tongue depressor-like sticks, but found these broke easily. The more rigid plastic stand-up signs lasted longer but were too expensive for her retirement budget.

I made some for her out of downed tree branches, that are more attractive than plastic and can be thrown into the woodstove when they become unsightly.


  • Saw
  • Staple gun or small screws
  • Branch of dead wood with a diameter of at least 2-1/2 inches
  • Thin scraps of wood for the sticks
  • Indelible felt pen
  • Ruler
  • Wood glue


Mark the branch every half-inch and cut through until you have several pieces. Place a bead of glue on the back of the wood stick and staple or screw it to the back of the cut branch piece. If the stick is made from a thicker scrap of wood the end may have to be cut to a point for easier insertion into the garden. Repeat until all the branch pieces are used.

The plant markers are now ready to be labelled with the felt pen to identify the rows. Make lots for your own use and to give away.

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