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A gift of love

My sister-in-law has multiple health problems and needs a cane to walk safely. She’s been given walking sticks, hiking sticks and a normal cane. The problem is, however, that she has nothing in her collection that is pretty — you know — to dress up and go out. I remedied that with a pretty floral scarf as inspiration.


• Wooden cane

• Metal hanger

• Paint (spray paint or small can of paint)

• Paintbrush (if brushing on the paint)

• Mod Podge (a clear glue sealer found in most craft supply stores)

• Paper flowers cut from magazines, napkins etc.

• Spray can of clear urethane


Remove the cane tip and apply two coats of matte-finish paint over the whole cane. Hang it to dry on the thinnest wire hanger available so as to mark the underside of the handle as little as possible. Either a spray can or a brush can be used as long as the resulting finish is fairly smooth under the paper flowers. While the paint is drying, cut flowers and leaves out of magazines, paper napkins or wrapping paper. They should be cut from paper that is quite thin, or they will be difficult to bend and won’t lay flush around the cane. When the paint is dry, apply Mod Podge to both sides of each flower and leaf. Wrap the individual flowers and leaves around the cane, adding more Mod Podge as needed to make them stick. Continue until you are happy with the coverage.

I left some of the original paint showing here and there, and my cane looked particularly elegant with some black showing through.

When the entire cane is covered to your satisfaction, let it dry for 24 hours. Touch test for tackiness, and when completely dry, clear coat the cane with three layers of urethane. When this is completely dry, replace the tip on the bottom of the cane.

The cane I made was the perfect gift, and I felt great pleasure whenever my sister-in-law wore the pretty scarf and used my “gift of love.”

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