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Steinbach dairy is cream of the crop

Brent and Kirsty Oswald have been named Manitoba’s Outstanding Young Farmers

Cottonwood Holsteins, near Steinbach, has been dairying for three generations now. But when Brent and Kirsty Oswald took over the family operation in 2008, big changes were in store — starting with the robots. In 2009, the couple raised a new barn, moving dairy operations from the building used by Brent’s parents to a new […] Read more

Creating a safety culture at one Manitoba dairy

Workplace safety is a buzzword at Rosser Holsteins west of Winnipeg

Time is the enemy, particularly when it comes to injury risk, according to Henry Holtmann, of Rosser Holsteins outside of Winnipeg. “In times when we think we don’t have time for safety, we have to really step back and make time, because the consequences of not making time are actually you lose more time,” he […] Read more

Canada’s supply management model for world: MacAulay

A new, national dairy ingredient strategy has yet to be implemented, 
but that hasn’t stopped southern farmers from fretting

If American dairy producers are upset with new ingredient strategies north of the border, Canada’s federal government hasn’t heard about it — at least not through official channels. Speaking at a conference in Winnipeg last week, Canada’s Agriculture and Agri-Food minister said he isn’t aware of protectionist concerns coming out of the U.S. and that […] Read more

Extended lactation could make better cheese

Danish researchers show that despite fears the practice could harm milk quality it may actually be better

Extending dairy cow lactation periods by up to six months not only can lower the environmental impact of the industry — it just might make better cheese too. That’s according to some recent research by Danish scientists who decided to put long-standing concerns over the practice to an empirical test. They found an expected decrease […] Read more

Gay Lea opens doors to Manitoba producers

Manitoba producer named to Gay Lea Foods board as co-operative expands into Manitoba

Manitoba dairy farmers are now able to join the Ontario-based Gay Lea Foods Co-operative. The decision was formally made at the co-op’s annual general meeting in Mississauga last week, but has been expected since Gay Lea Foods announced it was partnering with Vitalus Nutrition to expand milk-processing capacity in Manitoba last October. A refurbishment of […] Read more

Could Trump save the Canadian dairy industry from itself?

Trump may be the catalyst necessary for a much-needed revamp of the Canadian dairy industry

The great Canadian dairy crisis is about to experience a new and interesting twist. As Donald trump assumes the role of the 45th president of the United States, some wonder whether he could bring about the end of Canada’s infatuation with dairy marketing boards. Both during his campaign and after the election, Trump took aim […] Read more

Jennifer Hayes named dairy commissioner

Outspoken supply management advocate latest member of industry body

Jennifer Hayes, a Shigwake, Que. dairy producer, is now commissioner of the Canadian Dairy Commission. Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay announced the three-year term Jan. 3. The CDC is a Crown corporation established in 1966 to co-ordinate federal and provincial dairy policies and create a control mechanism for milk production aimed to avoid shortages and surpluses, […] Read more

Creating a natural rhythm

Lighting experts suggest the correct light intensity and duration can have 
positive effects on the health, fertility, welfare and productivity of dairy cattle

The lighting in your barn may be having more of an effect than you realize. “The livestock’s biological clock is regulated by light striking the pituitary gland in the middle of the brain. A lack of light depresses metabolism and causes increased melatonin output. We see this effect in the shorter days of winter,” said […] Read more

New quality milk logo given prominence

Dairy Farmers of Canada have simplified their marketing to 
generate a greater impact on consumers

What’s blue and white, but will soon be read all over? The new Dairy Farmers of Canada logo. First revealed in Ottawa last month, Manitoba milk producers got an in-depth look at what’s behind the updated logo — and streamlined marketing program it ushers in — at the annual Manitoba Dairy Conference in Winnipeg earlier […] Read more

dairy calf

Calves can safely consume more milk than thought

Feeding young calves more milk can cut down on antibiotic use and have other benefits

Feeding dairy calves more milk early in life might not be a cheap proposition in the short term, but with a longer view the benefits are clear. It’s also a safe practice, according to one dairy researcher who spoke at the recent annual general meeting of the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba. “Based on the research […] Read more