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NAFTA ‘absolutely essential’ for U.S. dairy industry

Dairy executive fears U.S. could lose Mexican market share to New Zealand and EU

Excerpts from testimony by Stan Ryan, president and CEO of Darigold and the Northwest Dairy Association, to the U.S. House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade, July 18.
 As we look at how to ensure we can continue a positive track record of export sales supporting farms and good jobs back here at home, NAFTA, […] Read more

New vision for supply management

Supply management has proven robust in important respects. Regulating production, restricting imports and offering stable returns to producers at a favourable level are the foundational pillars for supply management. The Canadian dairy industry has avoided drastic drops in milk prices, followed by prolonged low milk price periods and associated financial stress that has repeatedly occurred […] Read more

Mr. President, you’re right: Supply management is unfair

The real victims of this unfairness are Canadian consumers however

Dear Mr. President, You may have heard about me during one of your State Department briefings. I am running to lead my party and replace Justin Trudeau as Canada’s prime minister after the next election. My whole platform is based on four principles: freedom, fairness, responsibility and respect. So I was very pleased when I […] Read more

Canadian dairy history book celebrates Canada 150

Dairy farmers across Canada are celebrating Canada’s sesquicentennial with a historical volume

With Canada’s 150th birthday just around the corner, dairy farmers across the country are sharing their stories in a new book. “It’s a really neat look at our history,” said David Wiens, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba chair, at a recent district meeting. Printed in both French and English, Dairy Farmers, Deeply Rooted for a Strong […] Read more

Value shifts away from protein

Canadians continue to embrace fat in their dairy products, which creates a market imbalance

With more Canadians turning to higher-fat dairy products, dairy farmers are looking at long-term solutions for balancing production with consumer demand. “We want to satisfy this demand with Canadian butterfat or Canadian cream, but as you know, at this point we are all just trying to catch up with this marketplace,” said Brent Achtemichuk, Dairy […] Read more

Milk production being ramped up

New dairy-processing plants will allow Manitoba milk producers to have quota fully issued

Manitoba’s dairy farmers are preparing for what may be the largest increase of processing capacity ever seen as a result of one project. “I don’t know if there has ever been a situation elsewhere in Canada where there has been a 40 per cent increase in processing capacity in a province from just one project, […] Read more

Comment: Trump’s milk shake

Our dairy producers are now facing change, forced upon them by outside forces

For the first time U.S. President Donald Trump has acknowledged that he knows of the existence of supply management, also known by the global community as Canada’s milk cartel. For years dairy farmers in Canada have been resistant to any change or reform to their policies. With NAFTA 2.0 on its way, Canadian dairy farmers […] Read more

Manitoba dairy: Trump comments ‘not based on fact’

The Dairy Farmers of Manitoba is defending its industry’s supply management and pricing strategies

As the U.S. and Canada trade verbal shots over supply management and protectionism while dairy groups in New Zealand and Australia say they’ll support any U.S. WTO actions, Manitoba dairy producers are standing pat. The Dairy Farmers of Manitoba (DFM) says it is still confidant that the federal government is behind it despite the fierce […] Read more

Bernier makes supply management an issue

Dairy farmers are taking out Conservative memberships to vote against him

The future of Canada’s supply management system for milk, eggs and poultry has been thrust onto the national political agenda like never before by leading candidate for the Conservative party leadership, Maxime Bernier. Bernier is calling for the abolition of the system after a new levy on dairy products builds up enough funds to reimburse […] Read more

Technology, co-operation to result in long-desired dairy genetic indices

Low heritability traits have been hard to measure but genomics are increasing the availability of data

The Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) is taking aim at some of the most important, but toughest-to-measure genetic traits for dairy cows. The organization that aggregates vast amounts of information on dairy cattle and creates genetic indices that farmers use to make breeding decisions, is using genomics and global co-operation to create the new indices. “Genomics […] Read more