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Canola worth $26.7 billion, economic impact study shows

Total economic impact rising dramatically, independent analysis shows

Canola’s value to the Canadian economy has tripled in the past decade, now coming in at $26.7 billion a year, according to a newly released study. That’s an increase of nearly $6 billion compared to the three-year period of 2009-11, with a large part of the value stemming from the 250,000 jobs and the $11.2 […] Read more

Crop production could take hit in 2017

Dry and cold weather in Europe and flooding in Latin America are setting the stage for trouble

Don’t expect a fifth consecutive year of record world crops in 2017. That’s according to The Money Farm’s Mike Krueger, who adds that world demand has been keeping pace with massive production. “High prices didn’t kill demand at all, but high prices did bring us a lot more acres,” he said at the recent CropConnect […] Read more

Soybeans poised to beat out wheat, barley

Planting estimates for soybeans are running around two million acres for the coming season

It’ll take quite a lot to convince Manitoba farmers to hold off on expanding soybean acres in favour of growing more wheat and barley for milling and malt channels. Farmers packed a hall at the 2017 CropConnect conference to hear a soybean presentation, and there’s no doubt provincial growers are more gung-ho than ever to […] Read more

Canola growers recognize health researcher

Dr. Carla Taylor has been researching the health effects of canola oil

A Winnipeg-based nutrition researcher is the latest recipient of the Manitoba Canola Growers Association Canola Award of Excellence. The University of Manitoba’s Carla Taylor has, along with Peter Zahradka and a team of trainees and staff, been researching the health benefits of canola oil for more than a decade. The award was presented last week […] Read more

Westman soybean plant proponents not discouraged by North Dakota plant

The Westman Opportunities Leadership Group says a plant proposed 
for Spiritwood, N.D. shows how fast soybean production is growing 
on the northern Great Plains

A committee studying the case for building a soybean-crushing plant in western Manitoba is undeterred by plans announced last week for one in Spiritwood, North Dakota, 140 km west of Fargo. “I think this just confirms to us that there is a significant potential here and I am quite sure we will continue to investigate […] Read more

Sclerotinia biggest issue for Manitoba canola growers in 2016

The annual disease survey found this perennial challenge is still the biggest issue for farmers

Sclerotinia was the biggest issue for Manitoba canola growers last year, according to results from the 2016 disease survey. It showed that over 90 per cent of the 105 Manitoba fields surveyed had some level of sclerotinia infection. The incidence of the disease – the number of plants infected in the field – was between […] Read more

Keeping an eye on new canola diseases

Clubroot and verticillium stripe are two growing risks for canola growers

It appears clubroot is a fact of life for Manitoba farmers — but it’s still a long ways from the crisis seen in Alberta. Clubroot symptoms have only been reported in eight Manitoba fields to date; two in 2013 and six in 2015. No Manitoba fields surveyed in 2016 showed any clubroot symptoms. Delving a […] Read more

VIDEO: Take the temperature of your grain in real-time

Dimo’s/Labtronics Wi-Fi grain probe demonstrated at Manitoba Ag Days

Once harvest is complete and your grain is in the bin, it’s essential that you keep a close eye on its temperature. But if you don’t have a temperature cable set up in your bin, it’s a bit of a gamble if you’re trying to avoid grade degradation or something disastrous such as a total […] Read more

Lack of meal capacity could be costing canola growers

One global analyst says meal sales are being lost, but the domestic industry 
says so far the system has kept up

Insufficient export capacity is costing western Canadian canola growers money in lost canola meal sales and farmers should be complaining loudly, says Thomas Mielke. Meilke is executive director of the widely read food oil publication Oil World, based in Hamburg, Germany. “You could do more, but the logistics are not in place,” Mielke said here […] Read more

Consider selling new-crop canola soon — more than usual

Thomas Mielke of Oil World warns a jump in palm oil production will push world canola prices down later 
and canola prices could decline by early this spring in anticipation

Canadian canola growers should consider selling new-crop canola soon and perhaps more than they would normally this early, says Thomas Mielke, executive director of Oil World, a German-based publication covering world vegetable oil and meal markets since 1958. “We all know these high prices (of around $500 a tonne on the Winnipeg futures market) cannot […] Read more