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MPSG clarifies position on a Manitoba soybean-crushing plant

The association supports the goal, but says the location will be decided by the company that builds

Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers (MPSG) supports efforts to attract a soybean-crushing plant to Manitoba, but is neutral on where it’s built, says association executive director Francois Labelle. “We want to see a facility built in Manitoba,” Labelle said in an interview Sept. 29. “That has been our position since we first started talking about […] Read more

Pre-harvest glyphosate on soybeans?

Yes, no or maybe — it really all depends on the weeds

Whether to apply glyphosate or a true desiccant before harvesting soybeans depends on the weeds in the crop, Manitoba Agriculture weed specialist Jeanette Gaultier, said Sept. 20 during the Crop Talk Westman webinar. “If your issues are winter annuals and perennials I would definitely go in with glyphosate because obviously it’s a systemic — it’s […] Read more

Choosing the right inoculant strategy

After some disappointing results this season, one pulse crop specialist says it’s time to take a hard look at these practices

Manitoba Agriculture pulse crop specialist Dennis Lange says it’s a good time to think about just what’s the right approach regarding inoculants for pulses. “This year I’ve had a few calls on peas and soybeans from western Manitoba where they are finding very poor nodulation,” Lange told the Co-operator in a recent interview. He says […] Read more

Lots of advantages to desiccating sunflowers

The key is timing and determining if the crop is good enough to justify the additional cost

Desiccating confection or oilseed sunflowers to speed up harvest can deliver profits and peace of mind, but timing is everything, says Anastasia Kubinec, Manitoba Agriculture’s manager of crop industry development. “There has been a move to more producers going to desiccating sunflowers because they do see the economic benefit to it,” Kubinec said during the […] Read more

Keep ditches mowed to keep birds moving

Blackbird flocks will reach maximum size near mid-September

If you want to save your sunflowers, you need to make sure the blackbirds don’t make them dinner. Lower acres this year have served to concentrate the blackbird flocks into smaller areas where they can do more damage, according to Daryl Rex, an agronomist with the National Sunflower Association of Canada. “I think it is […] Read more

Soy strains

Adding commercial soybeans in developing countries 
brings unique challenges

Introducing soybeans into a developing country’s agriculture community is more complex than just putting the seeds in the ground. It also requires a major shift in thinking in relation to crop production and management, according to a University of Illinois agriculture economist. Peter Goldsmith says only with this shift in thinking will the new crop […] Read more

U of M plant breeder earns international accolades

The University of Manitoba’s Rob Duncan is a rising star in the world of plant breeding 
and just earned a prestigious U.S. award

A Manitoban is the first Canadian to earn a major international plant-breeding award. Rob Duncan, a brassica breeder with the University of Manitoba, has been named winner of the National Association of Plant Breeders (NAPB) Early Career Scientist Award. Duncan, who grew up in rural Manitoba, was given the award in early August during the […] Read more

Researchers eye canola for drought insight

Looking at the plants’ day and night cycles is shedding light on 
how plants respond to moisture stress

Your canola crop could hold the key to understanding how plants react to drought stress. That’s according to researchers at Dartmouth University who are looking at how early drought stress affects brassica rapa. The research, recently published in the journal eLife, looks at the full day and night cycle of the plants to see how […] Read more

Flax agronomy in spotlight

Flax agronomy trials were one stop at WADO’s annual field day July 25

Flax has become a rarer sight in Manitoba — covering only 85,000 acres last year, down from 125,000 in 2015 — but Rachel Evans, extension agronomist with the Flax Council of Canada, hopes more agronomic knowledge will help reverse that trend. Flax Council of Canada agronomy trials are now in their third year at sites […] Read more

Get scouting, soybean aphids showing up in fields

When populations hit 250 and are still rising consider applying an insecticide, but don’t forget to take beneficial insects into account. There’s an app for that

Soybean aphids can now be found in many Manitoba fields and farmers should be scouting for them, John Gavloski, Manitoba Agriculture’s extension entomologist, said in an interview July 27. As of last week populations were generally well below the economic threshold, but some higher populations did exist, he said. Some spraying was going on in […] Read more