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Local dairy farm fire draws national attention

The fire at a Steinbach-area farm claimed four barns and 800 cattle

A devastating fire that claimed four dairy barns and about 800 dairy cows near Steinbach has drawn attention and criticism across Canada. The fire at Pennwood Dairy was reported in the Globe and Mail, as well as several Winnipeg news outlets. Animal advocacy organizations have since called for change to industry regulations. Steinbach fire Chief

Farm building code streamlined

The provincial government says the move is part of its red tape reduction initiative

The Manitoba government has begun a new anti-red tape initiative by streamlining the provincial building code for farm structures. The Manitoba Farm Building Code will be repealed and dovetailed into the Manitoba Building Code, with specific provisions for farm buildings. It’s the first action in a government campaign to eliminate or simplify regulatory requirements that

Mixed messages on gestation stalls

The head of Manitoba Pork Council says his group hasn’t pledged to move away from sow stalls after all

Manitoba hog producers should dig in their heels and say no to phasing out gestation stalls. That was the message Rick Berman brought to the Manitoba Pork Council’s annual general meeting last week, in which he urged producers to go on the offensive against “animal rights lunatics.” “Get your head around the fact you’re in

What’s a pet to some is dinner for others

What’s food and what’s taboo depends on a lot of things, including how human societies
developed, what made sense in different regions, and how humans ordered their world

What’s food and what’s taboo depends on a lot of things, including how human societies developed, what made sense in different regions, and how humans ordered their world Don McMahon gets a mixed reaction when he tells people what was served at his wedding reception in Uzbekistan last year. “Some people are kind of disgusted

Major retailers urged to help end use of gestation stalls

The new owner of a now infamous Interlake hog barn says it will be getting rid of all its gestation stalls within four years. Video secretly shot in the Puratone weanling barn recently drew national coverage — and widespread condemnation — with its graphic scenes of castration and piglets being euthanized by slamming them onto

Stall-free pork coming to McDonald’s menu

Amove by fast-food giant McDonald’s to have its U.S. pork suppliers phase out sow gestation stalls has drawn praise from animal rights groups, but questions remain about the impact it will have on Canadian producers. “This is huge. That a major corporation has made this move is really very significant,” said Winnipeg Humane Society CEO

Polls And Animal Welfare

As you are reading this article, we are going through a federal election. As with any election, a multitude of polls are being published that declare this or that federal party is going to win either a majority government or a minority government. While the political polls are considered useful by some, nothing but entertainment

Hog Industry Announces New Sustainability Commitments

Major and possibly expensive changes lie ahead for Manitoba hog producers as the result of a new road map for the industry’s future. The Manitoba Pork Council plan released last week commits the province’s 700 pork producers to eliminating sow gestation stalls within the next 15 years. “Manitoba Pork commits to encouraging producers to phase

All Producers Have A Role In Welfare Image

Public opinion surveys have shown Manitobans have a lower opinion of agriculture than non-farmers in other provinces, the executive director of the Ontario Farm Animal Council says. “Out of the whole country, Manitoba has the least positive image in agriculture,” Crystal MacKay told her audience at Manitoba Ag Days. In a later interview, MacKay refused

Letters – for Dec. 16, 2010

“Silent” purchasing public speaks up Just a quick comment on the 10,000-plus signatures submitted by the Winnipeg Humane Society to Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives. I’ve seen several comments over the months on polls and surveys from various producer groups that say that it is only special-interest animal-welfare groups that really care about change.