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Observation towers near Oak Lake will track shorebirds living in and passing through the area.

New towers to track shorebirds

Southwestern Manitoba a key stopping point in birds' annual migration

New tracking towers in southwestern Manitoba aim to aid the tracking of shorebirds passing through the area, which is considered a Prairie hot spot for the creatures. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has installed three towers near Oak Lake, and another near Whitewater Lake. Antennae atop the towers collect signals from radio transmitters that

A view of Turtle’s Back.

Take a hike up the ‘Turtle’s Back’

Be sure to take binoculars and a camera. You’ll be glad you did as you enjoy the views from the tower

With the arrival of autumn, it’s time to try some of those hikes you might have put off during the heat of summer. One interesting hike, which my husband and I recently took, is the one in William Lake Provincial Park that takes you to the top of the “Turtle’s Back.” This small park is

The area is being destroyed by too much water.

Whitewater Lake region under threat

Excess water covering dikes and boardwalks and burying farmland and roads

On a recent visit to Whitewater Lake in southwestern Manitoba, my husband and I were dismayed to see first hand the impact that excess water is having on the area. Years ago we made our first trip there and enjoyed walking on the long dikes and boardwalks, surrounded by a variety of water birds and

barn swallows on a fence

Volunteer birdwatchers keep tabs on local species

The Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas is a scientifically designed, five-year project to assess the status, distribution and abundance of bird species that breed within Manitoba

A five-year effort to identify breeding bird species in Manitoba has confirmed golden eagles are back, snowy egrets have made unexpected appearances, and several species of native grassland birds are all but gone from most of agro-Manitoba. “We’re certainly seeing things that are indications of change,” says Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas co-ordinator Christian Artuso, who