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Researchers at USC and Texas A&M University grew winter wheat in an arid area of Texas with reduced irrigation and found that the plants protect themselves by producing thick leaf wax.

The key to drought-tolerant crops may be in the leaves

Leaf wax acts as the equivalent of ‘lip balm’ for plants, 
protecting them from the harmful effects of drought

A new study suggests breeding plants with a thicker layer of leaf wax is the key to greater drought tolerance and growing crops in more arid regions. Sarah Feakins, a scientist at University of Southern California who has studied leaf wax in the context of climate change, teamed up recently with researchers at Texas A&M

Mystery ahoof as U.S. cattle dying after eating grass

Reuters — A mystery is ahoof in Texas farm country where cattle have dropped dead while grazing, puzzling scientists who say it appears an unusual combination of circumstances have turned pastures toxic. Texas animal scientists said a type of grass known as “Tifton 85” bermuda grass is to blame for the poisoning of 15 head

“Pink slime” pushes processor into bankruptcy

Ground beef processor AFA Foods filed for bankruptcy protection April 2, citing the impact of the uproar over a meat filler dubbed “pink slime” by critics. Meat processors have faced a backlash over the use of an ammonia-treated beef filler they call “finely textured beef.” Food activists have campaigned to have it banned, but supporters

Tight Credit Choking U. S. Hog Farms

Reduced lending in the wake of the financial crisis in the United States coupled with price volatility could bring some livestock producers to a “crisis point” next year, an economist told a seminar Nov. 2. Danny Klinefelter, professor and extension economist at Texas A&M University, said tight credit could push some livestock farms out of

World Loses Its Leading Hunger Fighter

CIMMYT joins with members of the international development community to mourn the passing of Nobel Peace Laureate and renowned wheat scientist, Norman E. Borlaug, who died Sept. 12 at the age of 95 from complications from cancer, after an exemplary life dedicated to fighting hunger in developing countries. Borlaug worked as a CIMMYT wheat breeder

Can A Champion Horse Be Recreated Forever?

In 1996 a sheep named Dolly, the world’s first cloned mammal, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since then cloning technology has been adopted by some in the equine community. So far there are fewer than 100 cloned horses in the world. Many are genetic twins of historical champions and as such are of extremely high

Wetland loss linked to lake pollution

New research by Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) has identifi ed that the continued loss of wetlands in Manitoba is increasing phosphorus loads into Lake Winnipeg equivalent to dumping 10 semi-loads of commercial agricultural fertilizer or 544,000 bags of lawn fertilizer directly into the lake every year. “Never before has DUC’s push to stop the loss