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As China soy demand wavers, U.S. farmers turn back to grains

It looks like soy will only be king of the U.S. Grain Belt for a single season

Reuters – Since the mid-2000s, North Dakota farmer Paul Thomas has planted more of his land with soybeans as China’s demand for the oilseed grew. The shift culminated this year when Thomas planted 1,600 of his 5,000 acres with soybeans — the most ever. But Thomas and many farmers like him plan to return to […] Read more

King Cotton makes a comeback

U.S. farmers in the southern plains are piling into the textile crop after souring on wheat

Farmers in Kansas and Oklahoma are planting more land with cotton than they have for decades as they ditch wheat, attracted by relatively high cotton prices and the crop’s ability to withstand drought. A 20 per cent increase from last year marks a sharp turnaround for the crop that once dominated the Mississippi Delta into […] Read more

China tariffs on soy, sorghum spread fear in U.S. farm country

Farmers say a list of crops facing tariffs has them rattled and worried for their future

China aimed a direct strike at America’s heartland on April 4, moving to slap an aggressive 25 per cent retaliatory tariff against U.S. soybeans, farm country’s most valuable export to China last year, worth US$12 billion. Over the past decade, fast-rising demand from China has fuelled a sharp rise in production of U.S. soybeans, which […] Read more


U.S. pork demand strong, but trade disputes could hit exports

Growing U.S. domestic demand will only go so far as the U.S. government picks trade fights with key export markets

American consumers are snapping up plentiful low-cost pork, but U.S. farmers are worried that trade spats with key export markets in China, Mexico and Canada could hurt a lucrative part of their pork business. The domestic demand outlook remains bright, thanks to the strong U.S. economy, upcoming spring grilling season and Easter holiday ham purchases. […] Read more

Half of U.S. soy exports to China would fall afoul of new rules

U.S. soybeans will likely become more expensive to ship to China as a result

Half of U.S. soybeans exported to China this year would not meet Chinese rules for routine delivery in 2018, according to shipping data reviewed by Reuters, signalling new hurdles in the US$14-billion-a-year business. More stringent quality rules, which took effect on Jan. 1, could require additional processing of the U.S. oilseeds at Chinese ports to […] Read more

Wet North America harvest adds pressure for farmers

Cropland is soaking wet as harvest time winds down

Manitoba farmers aren’t alone when it comes to grappling with a rainy harvest. North America’s wettest harvest in about five years is hiking farmers’ costs as they dry crops to avoid spoilage and forcing them to take price discounts that are pinching incomes already under stress. One-fifth of the United States and Canadian Crop Belts […] Read more