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Stress Helpline Goes Viral

After operating a call line and responding to 17,578 calls, Manitoba Rural and Farm Support Services (MRFSS) is marking their 10th anniversary with the launch of their new web services, announced Janet Smith, Farm and Rural Support Line manager at this year’s Ag Days. Their website now has Skype, live chat and direct email to

Stealthy Storm

At midnight it stalks its victim like a white Persian cat on silent paws, pouncing with surprising speed. The landscape has just fallen prey to a fresh snowfall.

Friction Boffins See Future In Plant-Based Oils

There’s one simple reason why Linnaeus Plant Sciences founder Jack Grushcow would rather talk about camelina as a lubricant than as camelina in your tank. Fuel sells for around $1 per litre, but hydraulic fluid sells for $5 per litre. The Vancouver-based entrepreneur told the recent Canadian Weed Science Society’s annual meeting there are a

Quebec’s Maple Industry Makes A Comeback

After four difficult springs, the 2009 season will go down as a historic season, with Quebec maple syrup production hitting 109.4 million pounds. Producers have been thrilled with the news, especially after they produced only half of this volume the previous year. Even though it is impossible right now to predict production for the 2010

New Software Puts Cow Data Close At Hand

“You amalgamate everything into one small handheld computer.” – ROGER HEEG You could say that whenever Roger Heeg walks through his dairy barn, he has the situation well in hand. Heeg uses a specially developed software program on a hand-held Smartphone – a BlackBerry, in this case – to keep tabs on his dairy cows.

CWB Launches WeatherFarm

“This is the future of weather information.” – Ian Whi Te Farmers, whose livelihoods depend on the weather, now have free online access to Canada’s largest private weather network, with more than 700 real-time reporting weather stations across the West. WeatherFarm ( is a collaboration between the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) and WeatherBug, an American-based

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WeatherFarm , from page 1 Farmers will be able to get WeatherFarm data when visiting AGCanada.comand The CWB and WeatherBug started their network in 2007. The goal was to set up 600 weather stations across the West over three years. The program has exceeded expectations, White said. The CWB has had a weather and

Upgrade For Weather Station Network’s Capabilities

The CWB-WeatherBug network across Western Canada already numbers some 650 sites with the incoming data used to predict wheat midge, fusarium and sclerotinia risk. But soon there might be even more information wrung from the raw numbers collected by the network of solar-powered, “micro-weather stations” and put into the hands of farmers, says Guy Ash,

Midge Tracker Maps Available

Farmers can track the emergence of wheat midge daily in their area by using an innovative online map provided by the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB). The maps are now being regularly posted on the CWB website. During the peak of the pest threat, new maps and commentary by CWB agronomist Mike Grenier will be posted