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Ritz Offers Railway Costing Review Compromise

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says he would support a costing reviewing if it focused on all elements of the grain-handling and transportation system not just the railways. But the first order of business for the Harper government remains dealing with the recommendations of the final report of the Railway Freight Service Review, he told the

CN puts grain investments on hold

Western grain transportation should be completely deregulated, including elimination of the cap on railway revenues designed to protect grain farmers from railway gouging, says Wayne Atamanchuk, Canadian National Railway’s (CN) assistant vice-president of bulk commodities. Meantime, CN has stopped investing in grain transportation fearing “creeping re-regulation” will inhibit CN’s ability to earn a profit from

Farmers not well served by grain transportation reforms

“We have a first-class system. I don’t think there’s anybody who beats us. When you talk to buyers around the world they say, ‘You’ve got all of this and you still screw it up.’” – MARK HEMMES From the farmer’s point of view, reforms made eight years ago to Western Canada’s grain transportation system have

Poor rail service hurts grain competitiveness

If Paterson Grain serviced its customers the way the railways service Paterson Grain, it wouldn’t get much repeat business, according to the Winnipeg-based company’s vice-president of operations Keith Burch. “If we (said) ‘We’ll sell you 10,000 tonnes of canola and we promise to deliver 80 per cent of that, and only 90 per cent of