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Notre Dame Hog Case Headed To Court

A farm couple from the Rural Municipality of Lorne faces multiple charges of animal cruelty in what authorities call one of the worst cases of livestock abuse they have ever seen. Martin and Dolores Grenier have been accused of 23 counts under the provincial Animal Care Act after more than 2,000 pigs were found starving

Farmers, Province Spar Over Pig Cleanup Duty

Farmers and the government disagree over who’s responsible for cleaning up the mess that follows livestock abuse cases. Producers say Manitoba Conservation should have had a plan to remove pig carcasses from a barn earlier this summer in what authorities call one of the worst cases of animal cruelty ever seen in the province. But

Hearts And Hands For A Common Cause

Lorena wrote a letter outlining the project to other colonies, asking for donated homemade items. The call to my sister Lorena from Dora Maendel at Fairholme Colony came last spring. “I hope you’re wearing your Good Samaritan hat today, because I have a job for you!” Andrea Firth, the conference co-ordinator with Hospice & Palliative

Hutterite Colony Commits Egg Offence

AManitoba Hutterite colony has been fined for selling improperly graded eggs to a Winnipeg grocery store. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency recently reported that the Evergreen Colony Ltd., operating as Evergreen Poultry Farms, sold Canada C grade eggs numerous times between Jan. 10, 2005 and Jan. 29, 2006. C grade eggs are cracked eggs and

Local Literary “Snacks” Make Fine Gifts

~ ENRIQUE JARDIEL PONCELA When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing. Gifts of books are always well received by family and friends at Christmas. Here is a sampling of recently published rural Manitoba writers whose books you might want on your gift list. Many of these authors are

Photo ID Upsets Alberta Hutterites

Up to 10 colonies of the strict Christian Hutterite sect say they face religious persecution from the Canadian province of Alberta’s plan to force them to have their photos on driver’s licences. Canada’s Supreme Court ruled July 25 in favour of the Alberta government, which had appealed an exception the Hutterite colonies had won through

Manitoba Pork Council Reduces Districts

As the number of hog producers in Manitoba shrinks, so does the number of Manitoba Pork Council regional districts. Pork council delegates at their recent annual meeting voted to reduce the number of districts to 11 from the current 14. The move reflects changing times in the industry, including a loss of producers. Attendance at

Hytek To Concentrate Hog Finishing In Western Canada

Hytek Ltd. is relocating 40,000 hog-finishing spaces from the United States to Saskatchewan. The La Broquerie-based company last October bought four barns at Leroy, Saskatchewan, east of Humboldt, and will use them to finish market hogs for its processing plant in Neepawa. The U. S. country-of-origin labelling rule is one reason for the move, said