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Grains, oilseeds not included in Greens’ plans for biofuel

The federal Green Party’s plan to move Canada to zero emissions by 2050 supports the near-term use of plant-based biofuels — “but not from food that could otherwise feed Canadians.” Ahead of Monday’s federal election, the party released a climate action plan dubbed “Mission: Possible” that would ban the use of internal combustion engines in

From top left to right: Ralph Eichler, Minister of Agriculture (photo courtesy of the PC Party of Manitoba), Dougald Lamont, leader of the Manitoba Liberal party and MLA for St. Boniface, Winnipeg (photo courtesy of the Manitoba Liberal Party), Wab Kinew, leader of the New Democratic Party and leader of the official opposition (photo courtesy of the Manitoba NDP), and Kate Storey, agricultural critic for the Green Party of Manitoba. She lives on a mixed farm near Grandview, Manitoba (photo courtesy of the Green Party of Manitoba).

Provincial parties talk vision for agriculture ahead of election

Ahead of releasing official agricultural platforms, the parties talk trade, rural health care, African swine fever, and climate change

With campaign season officially in full swing for the provincial election, the Manitoba Co-operator caught up with the parties to talk agriculture. The parties we spoke to all polled regularly above five per cent for the past year. All parties had plenty to say about their vision for agriculture in Manitoba, bridging the rural/urban divide,

B.C. Greens seek limits on foreign ownership of farmland

The party holding the balance of power in British Columbia’s legislature wants to curb foreign ownership of farmland in the province’s Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). Green Party leader Andrew Weaver on Thursday introduced the Property Law Amendment Act as a private member’s bill, which he said “would prohibit foreign entities from purchasing ALR land over

Election 2016: The parties’ response to rural and farm issues

The Manitoba Co-operator put five questions to Manitoba’s registered political parties. Here is how they responded

QUESTION: Each year, Manitoba producers pay tens of thousands of dollars in education tax on their farmland. While farmers are eligible for an 80 per cent education tax rebate, that rebate is capped at $5,000, meaning larger operations are unable to claim much of the rebate. What is your party’s policy on farmland education tax rebates?

Green Party leader, James Beddome, speaks during a press conference, while David Nickarzn looks on.

Manitoba needs a carbon tax: Beddome

Another voice is added to the debate over farming and greenhouse gas emissions in Manitoba

The word “agriculture” may not have made it into the text of the Paris climate agreement, but in Manitoba, climate change and agriculture have been appearing together a lot in recent days. Only a few weeks ago the Manitoba government released its Climate Change and Green Economy Action Plan, and now Manitoba’s Green Party has

Liberal and Green Party candidates attend Eat, Think, Vote event

Brandon-Souris candidates discussed the province’s succession crisis, 
the need for local processing and infrastructure investments

Eat, Think, Vote. That was the theme of several events across the country to get local candidates talking about food policy, including one for the Brandon-Souris riding here last week. It was hosted by Small Farms Manitoba in partnership with Sharing the Table Manitoba and Manitoba Alternative Food Research Alliance. Liberal candidate Jodi Wynman and

While the farmer constituency may be small, CFA president Ron Bonnett says the economic activity it generates is over $106 billion each year.

Federal election gaining attention with farm groups

Ag issues will be aired during a candidates’ debate set for Sept. 30

Clear trade rules, measures to manage financial risk and access to sufficient workers are key issues among farm organizations that have released their positions for the Oct. 19 federal election. The Canadian Federation of Agriculture, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, the Canadian Pork Council and Cereals Canada have all waded into the campaign with policy statements.

Business Students Took Candidates To Task Over Rural Issues

CO-OPERATOR STAFF /OTTERBURNE Business students at Providence University College received a firsthand look at politics in the lead-up to the provincial election with an on-campus debate broadcast live on Goldenwest Radio. All in all I think it was really good, it was great to see everyone come out to take part, said 22-year-old Andrew Friesen.