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Keep it Clean! urges growers to keep bins and grain-handling equipment clean.

Keep it Clean! touts safe grain storage for cereals

High-moisture conditions, like those present on the Prairies, have high potential for formation of potent mycotoxin Ochratoxin A

Keep it Clean! is warning farmers that recent wet weather has increased potential for the formation of Ochratoxin A (OTA), a potent mycotoxin that forms in high-moisture conditions. “With the current conditions in Western Canada, it is important that growers are aware of OTA and the conditions under which it can form,” said Brenna Mahoney,

Russia to boost grain transport subsidies in 2018

Moscow | Reuters — Russia will spend two billion roubles (C$43 million) in grain transportation subsidies to help to speed exports in 2018, the deputy agriculture minister said on Thursday. Already among the world’s largest wheat exporters, Russia is trying to step up a gear after this year’s record crop, which is keeping its grain

China to subsidize grain transportation, storage

Beijing | Reuters — China plans to subsidize grain transportation and storage facilities in the latest push by Beijing to modernize the world’s largest agriculture sector. Beijing will subsidize projects upgrading or building facilities to load and receive grains along main railways and ports for major waterways including the Yangtze and Pearl rivers, a document

Wheat storage a winner, says analyst

Winnipeg | CNS – As yields grow throughout North America and the physical size of the crop becomes larger, farmers who invest in storage bins now, stand to reap the rewards later. “Guys with space are winning,” said Kurt Ahrens, founder of Grainbot in Omaha, Nebraska. Speaking at the Grain World Conference in Winnipeg, he

Lack of grain storage seen as record Russian crop looms

Moscow | Reuters — Russia is facing a lack of grain storage as it remains on track to produce the largest cereals crop in post-Soviet history, the head of Russia’s Grain Union, a non-government farmers’ lobby group, said Tuesday. Arkady Zlochevsky, the head of the union, told a briefing in Moscow he expected a grain

Don’t gamble by not aerating your canola

Uneven maturity means there’s more green seed this year, and that ups the risk of spoilage

You can lose a lot of money in a hurry, so watch for potential canola storage problems as fall transitions into early winter, says an Alberta provincial crop specialist. “Canola seed’s high oil content makes it very susceptible to deterioration in storage,” said Neil Whatley. “Safe, long-term canola storage is at or below eight per

Consider pros, cons of alternative grain storage methods

Grain should be dry and cool when placed in alternative storage facilities

Bumper crops and transportation delays have created a need for additional temporary storage on many farms. Here are some things farmers should consider about the various options. “Grain can be stored in many types of facilities,” North Dakota State University Extension Service agricultural engineer Ken Hellevang says. “But all storage options should keep the grain