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Prevent insect infestations when storing grain

As the 2013 grain harvest gets underway it is important for grain producers to take steps now to reduce potential insect infestations in stored grain, according to the Canadian Grain Commission. “Although this year was not as warm as the preceding summer, there is ample potential for stored grain insects to infest bins as grain

Grain Commission issues new crop year reminders for Western producers and industry

The Canadian Grain Commission reminds the grain industry and producers about grain grading changes that come into effect on August 1, 2013 in Western Canada. Roughage tolerances for triticale and rye Currently, commercial cleanliness requirements for Triticale, Canada (CAN) and Rye, Canada Western (CW) do not include tolerances for roughage. As recommended by the Western

Cold winter temperatures naturally control insects in grain

Warm weather during the 2012 grain harvest benefited producers, but it also benefited insects that feed in stored grain, says Brent Elliott, infestation control and sanitation officer at the Canadian Grain Commission. However, cold winter weather can help producers control insects. “Now that winter’s here, producers need to reconsider how they’re managing insects in their

Grain bugs enjoying hot summer

The Canadian Grain Commission says warm summer on the Prairies has increased the risk of insect infestation in stored grain. Grain producers can take steps now and prevent insect infestations in stored grain, according to the Canadian Grain Commission. "This year we’ve had a mild winter followed by a warm summer. In these conditions, insects,

Grain-handling history available online

A train rushes across the Prairies, taking rail cars of grain from country elevators to terminal elevators at Thunder Bay, Ontario. It’s a scene that could be from any year. But this train is a steam engine and the year is 1955, as seen in the documentary “Grain Handling in Canada” which is available for

Deadline Extended For Harvest Samples

Due to this year’s delayed harvest, the Canadian Grain Commission is extending its deadline for the Harvest Sample Program to Dec. 1, from Nov. 1. “This year, the weather was a challenge for producers across Canada. An extra four weeks gives producers time to send their samples and get a free grade despite a late

CGC Deregisters Varieties – for Jul. 29, 2010

“ Know what you grow,” says Elwin Hermanson, chief commissioner of the Canadian Grain Commission. “That’s what we’re asking Canadian grain producers to do. When you know that you’re growing registered grain varieties, you help maintain Canada’s reputation for marketing high-quality grain and you help preserve access to key international markets for your grain.” “The

CGC announces grading changes to western grains for 2010-11

The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) has announced grain grading changes for the 2010-11 western crop year that will come into effect on August 1, 2010: • Revised fusarium tolerances for the following classes of Western Canadian wheat:Canada Western Red SpringCanada Western Hard White SpringCanada Western Amber DurumCanada Prairie Spring RedCanada Prairie Spring WhiteCanada Western Soft