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Summer schedule for sheep and goat sales begins

Monthly sales and fewer deliveries will mark this market for the coming months

The summer schedule of a single sheep and goat sale each month has begun at Winnipeg Livestock Auction. This will likely limit the number of sheep and goats delivered and mean less selection for buyers filling orders for the Eastern Canada market. The June 5 sale saw 344 goats delivered. During the sheep sale, some

Summer lull settles in for sheep, goat sales

Producers are getting busy around the farm and will defer marketing

The temperatures may have been stubbornly sticking to the low side, but already it is starting to feel like a summer market. That’s when producers, busy with summer farm projects and other activities, withdraw from the market and animal numbers fall. Generally prices take a breather and decline a bit during this period too. At

Latest sheep, goat sale focused on local demand

It was too close to Easter for shipment to Eastern Canada

The final sale before Easter saw 275 sheep and goats pass through the ring at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction. There were both individual animals and large groups on offer this sale, and the sale was locally dominated as the proximity to the holiday ruled out any timely transportation to Eastern Canada. This may account for

Spirited lamb bidding as Easter approaches

The looming holiday is on the minds of sheep and goat buyers

Even the strong cool winds that reminded us winter had not yet left didn’t deter buyers or sellers at the latest Winnipeg Livestock Auction sheep and goat sale April 3. More than 250 animals went through the ring and goats were strongly featured in the sale. Buyers seeking goat kids found an excellent choice and

Strong bidding for lambs at March 20 sale

Younger goat does of all purposes and bidding seemed to continue trends from the last sale

Spring arrived to produce a bright attitude for the Winnipeg Livestock Auction March 20 sheep and goat sale. Producers delivered 220 sheep and goats, and the buyers were prepared for some major bidding. Everyone in the arena was entertained with an orphan baby lamb being bottle fed and comforted in the owner’s lap. There was

Last auction bids farewell to 2018

It was a year of change for sheep and goat producers in Manitoba

Winnipeg Livestock Auction capped 2018 with one final sale December 19 with 300 animals delivered for auction. There have been many changes through the year, as some established producers chose to close the farm doors while others just started production for the first time and some chose this as the time to grow their business.

High demand for feeder lambs seen at Oct. 3 sheep, goat sale

Selection limited, but prices were higher for dairy rather than meat goats

Bidding prices for lightweight lambs at the Oct. 3 Winnipeg Livestock Auction increased slightly compared to the last sale, possibly due to the limited selection. However, 248 sheep and goats were delivered and young, tender Manitoba lamb could be on more local tables this year. There appeared to be no price difference between wool and

Ample supply of sheep, goats as festival season wraps up

Lower bids marked the end of this market cycle, 
while animal numbers held up

As the Muslim festival of Eid wrapped up, a small sale was expected. However, 600 goats and sheep arrived at Winnipeg Livestock Auction for the September 5 sale. In some cases the animals appeared to be culls, but the size of the sale represented a general reluctance to carry or hold extra animals. The sheep

Final festival sale of sheep a big event

There was lots of supply and plenty of buyers’ interest at Winnipeg Livestock Auction August 15

The most recent sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction was set for the flood of more than 1,000 animals it received. Slated for August 15 it fell just before the Eid holiday and buyers brought their lists to fill festival demand for this Muslim holiday celebrating sharing and giving. The semi-trucks were waiting and ready for

Smile. The goats will like you more

Goats prefer happy people, study finds

Goats can differentiate between human facial expressions and prefer to interact with happy people, according to a new study led by scientists at Queen Mary University of London. The study, which provides the first evidence of how goats read human emotional expressions, implies that the ability of animals to perceive human facial cues is not limited