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FCC identifies export, market diversification opportunities for Canadian food

The ag lender’s latest report highlights canola oil, pork, potato products, crab meat

Canada is already a major exporter of agricultural goods, food and beverages — but increasing food and beverage exports is still one of Canada’s biggest trade opportunities, says Farm Credit Canada (FCC). And by diversifying exports farmers will become less dependent on current major markets reducing their financial risk. “When borders close for any number of reasons due to trade tensions or shock caused by disease

FCC identifies export, market opportunities for Canadian food

The ag lender's latest report highlights canola oil, pork, potato products, crab meat

Canada is already a major exporter of agricultural goods, food and beverages — but increasing food and beverage exports is still one of Canada’s biggest trade opportunities, Farm Credit Canada (FCC) says. And by diversifying exports, farmers will become less dependent on current major markets, reducing their financial risk. “When borders close for any number

Assiniboine Community College snags digital ag donation

Farm Credit Canada says need for digital support for farms is growing

Assiniboine Community College has received a $15,000 donation from Farm Credit Canada (FCC) to enhance its digital agriculture offerings. “As the agriculture industry evolves toward an increased focus on technology and precision agriculture, so comes an increased demand for digital agriculture knowledge and training,” Chris Budiwski, ACC’s chair of agriculture and environment said in a

“Land not paying for itself is more likely to occur now given the ratio of land prices to farm revenues...” – J.P. Gervais, Farm Credit Canada.

What’s the driving force behind Manitoba farmland values?

KAP is going over the Manitoba Farm Lands Ownership Act with a fine-tooth comb

The only way for a young person to acquire farmland, the joke goes, is through the church, since it takes a funeral or a wedding. An inheritance or marriage aren’t the only ways, but the quip underscores that high land prices make it difficult for beginning farmers. “It’s extremely frustrating for me and many young farmers in this area (near Elie,

Farm Credit Canada says despite headwinds, there are reasons for Manitoba farmers to be optimistic.

Bright spots for Manitoba farmers: FCC

Despite the pandemic there are positives for Manitoba producers, the national ag lender says

Profit margins for 2020 are projected to be tight for Manitoba farmers, but it’s not all doom and gloom, say officials with Farm Credit Canada (FCC). It’s hard to parse COVID-19’s impact on farmer expenses and revenues relative to other factors such as weather and commodity supply and demand, J.P. Gervais, FCC’s vice-president and chief

Federal government offers more measures to help agricultural sector

Latest moves include investment fund, changes to TFW program

The federal government continues to unveil policies and dollars it says will assist the agricultural sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. A $100-million fund, launching in partnership with Calgary-based Forage Capital Inc., will be used “to support proven, viable companies through unexpected business disruptions, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.” According to the federal government, Farm Credit

Pork sector’s calls for aid heard, not yet answered

Federal government says it's examining "all options"

Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau’s office said late last week the government is working “around the clock” to respond to the pandemic’s impact on farmers and agri-food businesses. But there was no commitment to the direct support Canadian pork industry officials say is now necessary to carry the sector through a crisis which has led

Editorial: Farmers should tread carefully when seeking more aid

There is one stabilizing force for agriculture amidst all the uncertainties as the effects of pandemic management ripple through the food chain like an electrical shock to everything it touches. The recently released Farm Credit Canada report on land values, based on 2019 transactions, shows the value of farmland in Canada continues to rise, albeit

Almost three-quarters of farmers recently surveyed say they fear the pandemic will hurt their incomes.

Survey says… farmers need COVID cash

As seeding looms, producers fear the pandemic will cut their income

COVID-19 has North American farmers worried so they are asking their respective federal governments for cash. Almost three-quarters of farmers taking part in recent surveys in Saskatchewan and the United States said they fear the pandemic will hurt their incomes. “Farmers need cash to be able to get their crop in the ground this spring,

Canadian, Manitoba farmland values higher in 2019

The yearly growth has slowed in recent seasons and that trend is expected to continue

Average Manitoba farmland values rose four per cent in 2019, just slightly higher than the 3.7 per cent increase recorded in 2018, Farm Credit Canada (FCC) says in its 2019 Farmland Values report released April 6. The biggest increase — 8.9 per cent — was in the Eastman region followed by 4.7 per cent in