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Cervus expects chip shortages may continue into fall

Deere dealer chain books increased Q1 profit

The semiconductor chip shortage plaguing automotive and equipment manufacturers may last into the second and even third quarters of the year, farm equipment retailer Cervus Group says. Calgary-based Cervus — which operates 64 dealerships in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, including 38 devoted mainly to Deere farm equipment — expects increased demand to run up

It takes many pairs of hands to keep the bustling Carman MCC Thrift Shop operating. The non-profit enterprise’s success is due as much from generous time put in by volunteers as the plentiful donations and customers supporting it, says the organization’s president Frank Elias (front right).

Blessings from bargains

Sales of donated items at the MCC Thrift Shop in Carman this year generate $240,000 for Mennonite Central Committee’s international relief, development and peace work

Stella Wiebe has cut up about 4,000 pairs of blue jeans for quilt blocks over the years. But that’s certainly not the only thing she’s done during her long stint volunteering with Carman Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Thrift Shop. She’s been volunteering with the non-profit enterprise since its start, and today is still among its

Matthew Reimer, president of Reimer Robotics and Killarney-area farmer, took first place at Ag Days’ 2016 Inventors’ Showcase for a product allowing farmers to turn their existing tractor into a robot.

Tractor turned robot maximizes farm labour, says inventor

First prize at Ag Days 2016 Inventors’ Showcase goes to a Killarney-area farmer 
for his robotics invention that eliminates need for a grain cart driver

At first glance, it looks like one of Matthew Reimer’s farm crew is, well, kind of short. Actually, there is no one driving that grain cart tractor as it navigates the field and pulls up to unload the combine on his Killarney-area farm. Reimer has programmed it to be driverless. Reimer was awarded first place

Agrimatics internet software application

VIDEO: Agrimatics’ wireless tech uses iPad, smartphones to track grain carts

Manitoba Ag Days Inventor's Showcase: App simplifies calibration process and stores data across multiple devices

Inventions utilizing new technology took front-and-centre at Manitoba Ag Days Inventor’s Showcase last week. Earning second prize in the Inventor’s Showcase was Agrimatics, a tablet and smartphone-based grain cart weighing and calibration application. Heralded as the first-ever tablet and smartphone-based grain cart weighing and data management system, Agrimatics automatically detects how much grain has been

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Alberta researchers use eggshells to build better battery

Your morning omelette may hold the solution to your quick-dying smartphone battery. University of Alberta researchers David Mitlin and post-doctoral fellow Zhi Li have developed a fast-charging supercapacitor using eggshell membranes — a plentiful egg industry byproduct. “We sell the liquid egg whites and the yoke to food processors, and we have no use for

Making connections at Ag Days

It’s a lot quieter at the Ag Days office these days, thanks in large part to technology. “We don’t have as many people paging the office,” says Ag Days webmaster Tom Tolton. “We used to have message boards up and lots of people paging, but today they all have cellphones to communicate with each other.”

Bipole III Route Must Change

Farmers will be directly affected by the construction of the Bipole III power transmission line and Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) continues to lobby the Government of Manitoba to abandon the plan to develop the west-side route. KAP is opposed to the west-side route because it is not the right way to proceed for farmers and

Bringing Model Trains To Life

Devoted to the development, promotion and enjoyment of the hobby of model railroading, Earl Symonds of Sandy Lake, Manitoba shares his enthusiasm. Symonds’ exquisitely detailed model panorama – known as the Manitoba & North-Western Railroad – roars over 3,000 feet of 1/87th HO scale track. There are eight subdivisions and three divisions – the 1880

Run Your Diesel Engine On Ethanol, Water And Diesel

Suggest burning a mix of ethanol and water in a diesel engine and most farmers would give you a strange look and advice on places to go. But tell them it’s supposed to boost fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and extend engine life and you’ll have their attention. Ron Preston, president and Kevin Kenney, biofuel systems

Getting Value From Quality Assurance

Peet on Pigs Bernie Peet is president of Pork Chain Consulting Ltd. of Lacombe, Alberta, and editor of Western Hog Journal. His columns will run every second week in the Manitoba Co-operator. Quality assurance programs for agricultural products are rapidly becoming a fact of life for farmers, yet many view the cost of such schemes