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The Manitoba Pork Council claims that the price of a farm visit to pick up deadstock has dramatically increased compared with other provinces where the biowaste recycling company, Rothsay, operates.

Rendering complaint fails to gain traction

The Manitoba Pork Council says its pricing complaint will not be pursued by the Competition Bureau of Canada

The Manitoba Pork Council says it is disappointed it won’t get its day with the Competition Bureau of Canada after filing a complaint on a hike in fees for on-farm deadstock pickup. Why it matters: The Competition Bureau of Canada has opted not to take up the Manitoba Pork Council’s complaint against deadstock pickup fees.

Pork council to fight fee hike on deadstock pickup

Producer group says lack of alternatives has left hog operations at the whim of bioproduct recycling company Rothsay

The Manitoba Pork Council is pushing back against what it says is an explosive increase in the cost of on-farm deadstock pickup, and it is taking the fight to the Competition Bureau of Canada. The organization has lodged an official complaint after what it says is a tenfold jump in the cost of an on-farm

File photo of cattle on Prince Edward Island. (COSPV/iStock/Getty Images)

P.E.I. to manage deadstock removal

Prince Edward Island’s latest provincial operating budget calls for its agriculture and land department to directly manage removal of deadstock for dairy and beef cattle producers. Finance Minister Darlene Compton’s 2019-20 operating budget, presented Tuesday, said the province will take over management of the deadstock contract “to reduce the administrative burden placed on the dairy