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Create A Peaceful Getaway

The bedroom in the photo has it all. It s inviting, calm and restful but also has tons of character. Paint in hues of grey, beige and off-white neutrals balance the rich colours of the bedding and window treatments. The muted wall colour provides the perfect backdrop to the dark antique, stylized furniture, providing just

Darker Days Coming

Every house has one a dark corner set well back from any windows and crying out for some live plant material to make it less dreary. In my wife s and my north-facing living room we have just such a spot where a table sits in the corner farthest from the window. Few plants will

Preparing Flooded Buildings For Winter

NDSU Agriculture Communication Winter will arrive before we know it, and some people with flooded homes should carry out procedures to avoid further damage if they will not be rebuilding before winter. Very wet soils will expand when water in the soil freezes, said Ken Hellevang, North Dakota State University Extension Service agricultural engineer and

Properly Rebuild, Insulate Flooded Homes

If your home was flooded, make sure it is rebuilt and insulated properly. The desire to get flooded homes rebuilt before winter is understandable, but homeowners need to ensure they rebuild right so they do not create long-term problems, says Carl Pedersen, energy educator with the North Dakota State University Extension Service. Flooded homes will

Proper Use Of Chemicals Important In Flood Cleanup

Sanitizing is one step of cleaning up after a flood. Flood cleanup experts often recommend people use a water and chlorine bleach solution to destroy bacteria. However, biocides such as bleach aren’t effective in all instances. For example, bleach and other biocides destroy living organisms such as mould, but they do not prevent future mould

Control Basement Water Seepage

If the water table in your area is above your basement floor, you may be dealing with water seeping into the basement. Water can get into the basement where the walls and floor meet and through cracks in the floor. Sometimes water also will come through cracks in the wall, but that usually is the

Taking The Pain Out Of Fencing

Fencing ranks right up there when it comes to ranking least favourite pastimes on the farm and Erickson farmer Adele Popp is no exception. But Popp was happy to pass along some of the things she’s learned about fencing as part of the South Parkland Beef Seminar pasture tour for women last week. She admits,

Clean Wet Buildings Quickly, Safely

Flooding and seepage from saturated soils mean many on the Northern Great Plains will be faced with cleaning wet buildings this spring. Ken Hellevang, a North Dakota State University Extension Service engineer and professor in NDSU’s Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department, has these tips to help the cleanup go more smoothly and safely: When using

Heavy Snow Poses Risks To Buildings

Looking up from the phone, Meagan Ellis thought it was a strange gust of wind that popped out the sliding doors of her parents’ machinery storage shed and sent them flying to the ground. But what she really witnessed from the office window of Ellis Seeds north of Wawanesa Jan. 16 at 4 p.m. was

Prevent Ice Dams

While the chance of your roof collapsing from an ice dam is very small, ice dams still can cause damage,” says Carl Pedersen, North Dakota State University Extension Service energy educator. Homeowners have a few steps they can take to prevent ice dams. “The key is to ensure your roof is constructed properly with suffi