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What to do with a partial wall

Addressing an unusual situation can be a fun prospect when planning your decorating projects. A unique space may seem daunting at first but by its very nature, can open up many design possibilities. One such dilemma is how to decorate a partial wall. Partial walls are common in open-concept homes or can even be the

Ideas for that unused attic

Attic or loft spaces are fun rooms to decorate, with their angled ceilings and unique layout. These same attributes, however, can also prove to be challenging when it comes to furniture placement and hanging art. The room in the photograph is a light and airy attic bedroom with a small office area. This would be

Update kitchen cabinets with paint

Dated or worn kitchen cabinets can be a huge eyesore, and no matter how much you decorate around them, they still stick out like a sore thumb. Replacing them is a huge expense that is not always necessary if the cabinets are in decent shape. Refacing cabinets is a less expensive endeavour but might still

St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church

The region south of Riding Mountain National Park has been described by historical geographers as 
possessing the greatest concentration of eastern European-style churches on the North American continent

St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church is situated approximately 12 km northeast of Oakburn in the Dolyny district in the heart of the picturesque, rolling landscape of the province’s South Riding Mountain “pothole” region. In addition to its outstanding natural beauty, the region has been described by historical geographers as likely possessing the greatest

Shelf those décor ideas

Uncomplicated solutions are often the best answer to decorating dilemmas. Something as simple as an inexpensive shelf can provide solutions for storage and display, as shown in the photo. A decorative shelf in any room provides easy access to items that are used on a daily basis — an alarm clock in the bedroom, toiletries

Weekend kitchen updates

Walls Try a different look with a fresh coat of paint in a cheery new colour. You don’t necessarily have to paint the entire room to get the updated look you desire. You can paint just a focal wall or paint a band of the new colour on the wall near the ceiling. If you

Ag teams hammer up some hope

The Habitat for Humanity troops were at it again recently, this time enlisting the agricultural sector to help build storage sheds to provide storage for the Habitat homes that are built without garages. Nine agricultural companies supported the first annual Ag Shed Building Challenge, providing a total of 13 teams and 120 volunteers at the

Create a lawn area with sod

When I am going to establish a lawn area in my garden, I find that using grass seed is frustrating and I am not always assured of good results. Even if the soil is kept constantly moist for a couple of weeks, germination can be spotty, particularly if the weather turns hot and there is

Manitoba a biocomposites world leader?

Composites Innovation Centre official says researchers close to finding way to create super-strong composites from flax and hemp fibres

Manitoba researchers believe they are on the brink of game-changing breakthrough that could thrust the province — and its farmers — into the forefront of the multibillion-dollar composites materials industry. “Manitoba has a real opportunity to be a global biomaterial centre,” said Simon Potter, sector manager for product innovations at the Composites Innovation Centre (CIC)

Shiver me timbers… again

J Neufeld didn’t intend to start an environmentally sustainable business when he and Grant Dyck launched Wood Anchor in 2005 — he just loved the look and texture of reclaimed wood. He’s now a passionate advocate of both sustainability and repurposed timber, and has made unique furniture and architectural products out of everything from downed