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Weathernet Summary: Too Cold, Too Dry, Too Wet

Selected comments from last week’s Weathernet reports:

Rivers: Our area needs heat and moisture for pasture land.

Miami: No rain this week so far, but still plenty wet. Need some heat.

Gilbert Plains: Send some heat and wind; two quarters to go, but too wet.

Deloraine: There are low patches to sow. Earlysown crops are coming nicely, but slow from lack of heat. Hay crops and pastures are mostly slow, late and it is looking like another short hay crop in the southwest. People are generally starting cattle on areas that have been left idle for a year or two. Gardens are going in. It has been challenging. Frost Monday ( June 1) took the tops off young potatoes. Keeping coverings on seedling plants has been challenging with the wind at night. The area needs a rain. The only thing saving it has been the cool temperatures.

Macdonald: Areas farther south received up to half an inch on Monday (June 1) afternoon – also some hail. Rain again

this morning…..enough

already! Plus the mosquitoes are out in full force – lovely!

St. Pierre: Very strong winds with rain on June 1

Erickson: No rain – our area is getting dry.

Melita: June 2nd and we still have frost with ground white and vehicles covered. Overheard comment only 19 more days until the day starts getting shorter. Low ground damp but hills dry and pasture growth and regrowth slow.

Oakville: Basically a dry week. Lots of seeding progress and some farmers nearly finished. Soil is dry on the surface but lots of moisture below. Several days with no dew despite a 10C drop in temperature overnight. A sign of very low humidity? Weird temperature fluctuations over a day and significant differences of 2 to 3C from what Winnipeg weather report says and what our thermometer says. Only one day over 20C and only briefly all week.

Mo r r i s : R a i n f a l l amounts varied, impeding some seeding operations, but in general, relatively good progress has been made in the last five to seven days. Trees are still not fully leafed out, but at least the countryside is starting to look greener. Gardeners are happy to see that the apple trees are finally blooming. Lilacs next week? Only three to four weeks later than normal.



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