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Seed/Feed Miscellaneous Hay & Straw

2000 SQUARE STRAW BALES for sale, also 200 round straw bales. (204)265-3543, Beasejour

2008 & 2009 5X6 round alfalfa grass 1st & 2nd cut bales approx. 1,800-lbs, feed analysis, 3-5 cents/lb. Phone Sandy Hook Farms (204)389-4038.

200 ROUND BALES ALFALFA Timothy mix 2008 hay, $25/per bale. 500 round bales 2009 hay, call for price. Phone (204)886-2333, Teulon.

200 ROUND BALES MIXED hay, Alfalfa/ Brome/Timothy. Made by New Holland 780 baler, $35/bale loaded. Phone: (204)428-3625, Portage.

275 1ST CUT, 500 2nd cut large round bales, alfalfa/ grass mix, all no rain, feed analysis available. Phone (204)386-2106 or (204)386-2066, Plumas.

500 2008 SECOND CUT Alfalfa bales. Also approx. 1000 2009 first cut Alfalfa/Grass bales. Most have no rain. Feed tested. Phone: (204)385-2506 days, (204)385-2361 evenings.

5X6 ROUND ALFALFA & Timothy bales. Phone (204)326-1494, leave a msg or call (204)371-5976.

600 ROUND BALES, 1,500-LBS avg, good quality alfalfa/Timothy mix, no rain, located Langruth, MB, area. Call (204)448-2124.

600 ROUND BALES 2ND cut alfalfa appr. 1,400 to 1,600-lbs, no rain, feed analysis avail. Starting at 4 cents per lb. Phone Keith at (204)873-2240 or David (204)873-2010, Clearwater.

ALFALFA+GRASS HAY ROUND BALES 300 1st cut at 3 cents lb. 40 2nd cut at 3.75 cents lb. Some 2008 2nd cut also 150 oats straw round bales. (204)967-2009 or (204)212-0221, Kelwood.

ALFALFA/GRASS MEDIUM SQUARE HAY bales for sale; 2 yr. old round Canary straw bales. Phone Howard (204)483-2990, Carroll.

APPROX. 150 ROUND BALES Alfalfa/Timothy mix, no rain. Phone: (204)837-9750 or (204)799-8130, Headingley.

BALE SCALES FOR SALE: new & used; hopper feeders w/scales in several applications; platforms in various sizes. Weigh livestock, bulk bales, etc. Shipping arranged. Elias Scales (306)445-2111.

BEEF & DAIRY QUALITY Alfalfa in med. square bales, delivery available. Phone (204)746-4505

DAIRY QUALITY SECOND CUT Alfalfa round bales, feed analysis, RFV 149, protein 20.55%, TDN 64.20%, $0.05/lb OBO. Average 1600-lbs. Phone Greg (204)886-2122 Gunton, MB.

EXCELLENT QUALITY ROUND & square 2nd cut hay bales. Phone (204)476-6863.

GOOD QUALITY FIRST & second cut Alfalfa Timothy 5×6 round hay bales, no rain. Phone Marcel (204)379-2426 or (204)745-7412, Haywood, MB.

GOOD QUALITY SMALL SQUARE Alfalfa bales for sale, shedded. Phone (204)822-3140.

GREEN FEED ROUND OAT bales, average 30-bu/bale. Phone: (204)526-2615.

LARGE ROUND BALES 1ST & 2nd cut Alfalfa Timothy orchard grass mix. Phone (204)886-3212.

LARGE ROUND BALES OF Timothy straw; 3-pth bale fork; 1 used 18.4×38 tractor tire. Phone: (204)886-3231, Teulon.

QUANTITY OF BIG ROUND bales alfalfa/ grass/clover mix & round bales of yr old barley straw, all reasonably priced. Phone (204)375-6622.

ROUND ALFALFA & ALFALFA/GRASS mix bales, good quality, $0.03/lb. Phone: (204)685-2095

ROUND BALES FOR SALE: 700 Alfalfa/Grass, 100 wild hay. No rain, net wrapped, $0.04-$0.05/lb. Phone: (204)625-5225, Elphinstone.

ROUND BALES TAME HAY 5×5.5, $36 loaded, will consider fall calvers or yearling open heifers as trade. Phone (204)646-2357.

SMALL SQUARE FLAX STRAW bales. Phone Tom Warkentin (204)355-4833 or cell (204)371-6558, Landmark.

STRAW FOR SALE: BIG square bales, 4x4x8 large quantity, Oats & Wheat, can deliver. Phone Phil Cormier (204)771-9700, La Salle, MB.



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