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OUR HISTORY: June 21, 1956

Our June 21, 1956 issue featured the 50th anniversary of the Manitoba Agricultural College, which had recently been renamed the faculty of agriculture and home economics. At jubilee celebrations, plans were on display for a new three-storey building which would ease fragmentation of facilities over several places on campus. Dean J.R. Weir had described it as having “a profoundly deleterious effect on the teaching and training of agricultural students.”

The issue contained several photos and reminiscences from the faculty’s past, including a series of tongue-in-cheek questions about who might know the identity of students perpetrating several stunts over the past 50 years. These included taking over a street car from the operator in order to return to the college on time, putting white rats in a sugar bowl at the girls’ training table and throwing a chicken on the stage during a performance at the Walker Theatre. “We know, but we’re not telling,” said the headline.

In other news, a group of U.S. scientists had concluded that it was possible to increase rainfall by seeding clouds with silver iodide, the Canadian Wheat Board Act had been upheld by the Court of Appeal and “no great influx of rust” was expected that year.



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