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Our history: Dec. 19, 1957

Many readers were still in the egg business in 1957, based on ads in our Dec. 19 issue that year. This Roto-Egg washer sold for $19.95 complete, and could clean and sanitize up to 10 dozen eggs every three to five minutes. An ad for Double-Duty Egg Shell Maker from Winnipeg Supply and Fuel appeared on the next page, under a story reporting that Alberta egg producers had narrowly rejected a provincial marketing board, gathering 48.841 per cent support in a plebiscite requiring 51 per cent of all 28,853 eligible voters to vote in favour. However, only 3,844 voted against the plan, with 10,787 not returning ballots.

The issue carried a story on the new agriculture building on “aggie row” at the University of Manitoba. Among the items featured was a “scientific marvel” called an epidiascope, a projector taller than its operator, which could project slides ranging from 35 mm to eight inches square, which would have “limitless uses for lecturers and students alike.” The new auditorium was said to be “one of the most acoustically perfect halls in the province.”



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