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New herbicide option from MANA Canada

Priority’s active ingredient is florasulam, a Group 2 herbicide, designed to be tank mixed with the farmer’s choice of glyphosate

Western Canadian farmers will have another pre-seed, chemfallow and post-harvest weed control option starting this spring by tank mixing MANA Canada’s Priority herbicide with glyphosate.

Florasulam, an off-patent Group 2 weed killer, is Priority’s active ingredient, which when tank mixed with glyphosate will have the same active ingredients as PrePass, Andrew Mann, MANA Canada’s general manager told reporters during a briefing Feb. 20.

“From a weed management, resistance management scenario it (Priority) should always be tank mixed (with glyphosate),” he said.

Priority herbicide lets farmers decide which glyphosate they want to use, Mann said. That’s consistent with MANA Canada’s philosophy of providing farmers with options in off-patent pesticides, he said.

The combination of florasulam and glyphosate controls a wide range of hard-to-kill broadleaf and grassy weeds, including dandelions, cleavers and glyphosate-tolerant volunteer canola.

“Florasulam plus glyphosate is a proven tank mix that uses two modes of action to control hard-to-kill weeds that glyphosate alone does not control,” Phil Somerville, MANA Canada’s new product development manager, said in a news release. “Bringing Priority to market allows farmers to use their preferred brand of glyphosate without compromising weed control.”

Priority can be applied pre-seed or post-harvest before seeding wheat (spring, winter and durum), barley and oats. Priority is also registered for use with glyphosate in chemfallow.

Priority will be sold in cases containing two, 6.4-litre jugs, which can treat 320 acres.

In a low-disturbance seeding system, application may occur just before seeding. In all other seeding systems application should occur one week before seeding, according to MANA Canada’s website.

Priority can be applied post-harvest after Oct. 1 but before freeze-up.

Priority can only be applied with ground equipment.

Do not apply if rain is forecast or if there is heavy dust on the weed leaves.

For improved control of larger annual and established perennial weeds, Priority can be tank mixed with a higher rate of glyphosate.

MANA hopes to add to its stable of off-patent pesticides over the next few years, Mann said.

“The next two to three years are very promising,” he said.

MANA Canada is owned by Israeli-based Makhteshim Agan Industries, the world’s largest chemical producer of off-patent chemicals, according to Mann.

The firm sold almost $2.7 billion of pesticides globally in 2011, accounting for about five per cent of the pesticide market.

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