MBP Is First Stop For Cattle Evacuation Information

Cattle producers affected by the flooding crisis are urged to get in touch with Manitoba Beef Producers as their first point of contact.

MBP is an information clearing house about available pasture land for producers who need to evacuate cattle. It can also advise producers forced to move animals about sources to contact and procedures to follow, said Audrey Treichel, an MBP spokesperson.

Scores of producers are being forced to move thousands of cattle out of the Lake Manitoba area as rising flood waters inundate pastures and threaten to isolate herds.

MBP urges producers to call the Winnipeg office at (204) 772-4542 or 1-800-772-0458 if they need to evacuate animals and require available pasture or cattle boarding, Treichel said.

She stressed that producers in an emergency situation must follow certain steps:

Contact your local municipal office first.

Contact your local MAFRI office and/or local GO Centre. An emergency command centre has been set up to deal with moving cattle, supplying feed and animal welfare issues. The phone number is 945-8000.

Contact Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) at 945-3050 to fill out assistance forms immediately.

MBP is calling on farmers and other landowners to contact the office if they have available land and are willing to accept evacuated cattle, either for the short-term or long term.

MBP is posting such information on its website and also forwarding it to MAFRI for posting on the government website as well. Website links are:

Manitoba Beef Producers www.mbbeef.ca

Manitoba Hay Listing Site http://web2gov.mb.ca/agriculture/haysearch/index.


Hay or Straw Wanted Site http://web2gov.mb.ca/agriculture/haysearch/client. php? selection=printclient

Pasture for Rent and Pasture Wanted http://www.gov.mb.ca/agricul ture/crops/forages/bjf01s02.html

Cattle Boarding Offered and Wanted http://www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture/crops/forages/bjf01s03.html

Alternative Feeds Listing http://www.gov.mb.ca/agricul ture/crops/forages/bjf01s06.html

Custom Trucking Services Directory http://www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture/crops/forages/bjf01s05.html

Treichel said MBP is asking volunteers experienced in working with cattle to contact the office and offer their services.

She emphasized that producers should document everything they do in order to qualify for financial assistance later. That applies even when neighbours are helping other neighbours, she said.

MAFRI Minister Stan Struthers has said farmers will be compensated for flood-related losses. Gerald Huebner, MAFRI acting assistant deputy minister, said DFA will cover the cost of transporting and sheltering animals that have to be moved for safety reasons. [email protected]

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