Manitoba flood bulletin #12: April 23

Province of Manitoba media bulletin


  • A substantial ice jam has formed at the Maryland Street bridge in Winnipeg, creating temporary elevated water levels.  It should clear within the next few hours.
  • A rise in Netley Creek caused by ice jamming at the junction of the creek and the Red River resulted in the precautionary evacuation of 35 people from Petersfield early this morning. This was an access issue and there is no reported damage to homes but some outbuildings were impacted. The water across Breezy Point Road and Jenny Drive has receded and residents are expected to return to their homes later today.
  • The updated weather forecast still calls for rain in the next 24 hours to the west of Winnipeg along the Assiniboine River:
    – Up to 20 millimetres in the Yorkton, Sask., area;
    – 15 to 20 mm in the Brandon area;
    – 10 to 15 mm may be recorded in the American portion of the Red River Valley north of Grand Forks;
    – and five to 10 mm may be recorded in the Winnipeg area.
  • The impacts of the rainfall will be assessed.
  • A flood watch continues for the upper Assiniboine River from Shellmouth Dam to Brandon.

Water levels are approaching bank full or may have overtopped banks in some reaches of the river and there is a chance low lying land adjacent to the river may be flooded.

Red River

  • Water levels at all points on the Red River are declining as the crest has passed.
  • The precipitation forecast for later this week, depending on what occurs, may slow the rate of decline or cause slight increases in water levels.
  • Water was naturally entering the floodway at a rate of approximately 3,825 cubic feet per second (cfs) this morning, a decrease of close to 1,000 cfs from yesterday.

Assiniboine River

  • An ice run into the Portage Reservoir caused a spike in diversion flows of 13,000 cfs.
  • Flow on the Portage Diversion is now 3,680 cfs, down approximately 2,000 cfs in the last 24 hours.
  • The Portage Diversion is being operated to reduce the risk of ice jams on the lower Assiniboine River as per established protocols.

Interlake, Eastern Manitoba and Whitemud River

  • A high water advisory continues for streams in the Interlake region due to the existing snowpack, the expected melt rate and the potential for ice jams and associated flooding. Based on the most recent forecast, flows on the Fisher River are expected to be 2,500 to 2,700 cfs at Dallas.  This is above-bank capacity.  If a slower melt occurs, flows are expected to be within the bank.
  • A high water advisory continues for the Whitemud River from Gladstone to Lake Manitoba due to increasing tributary flows and ice runs. An ice jam occurred on the Whitemud River at Gladstone and local authorities are dealing with the situation.
  • A high water advisory is continued for streams in eastern Manitoba, east of the Red River and south of the Winnipeg River, due to the existing snowpack, an expected rapid rate of melt and the potential for ice jams and associated flooding.
  • The Whitemouth and Brokenhead rivers have seen rises as a result of the run-off.

Spring Safety

People are reminded:

  • to be watchful of local waterways as flood conditions can develop quickly and ice conditions may be unsafe,
  • to avoid crossing areas with broken ice and surface water,
  • not to drive or walk through fast-moving water, and
  • to call 511 to check road conditions before travelling.

Questions or concerns about flooding or water management should be directed first to the municipal authority.  Anyone with questions about water levels, provincial waterways or provincial water control infrastructure can call 204-945-8373 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., seven days a week.

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