Inventors’ Showcase is innovation in action

Farmers and others in the sector are always trying to build a better mousetrap

The 2018 Inventors’ Showcase winner was Arnold Innovations with its combine cylinder reverser.

It’s going to be the annual round of ‘How did they think of that?’ during this year’s Inventors’ Showcase at Manitoba Ag Days.

“The Inventors’ Showcase features 14 new inventions with everything from drop pans to robotics to safety harnesses,” said Andrea Guthrie, Manitoba Ag Days media co-ordinator. “The Inventors’ Showcase is located in Barn 4 this year and is always a big draw for our patrons.”

Year after year, the Manitoba Ag Days Inventors’ Showcase is always hotly contested among participants. For some, it is a necessary springboard for their product’s hopes and dreams. For others, it is filling a niche or void that drives their initiative. For Manitoba Ag Days show patrons, it is a creative window into the minds of some of Canada’s brightest and most innovative agriculture thinkers.

“It is inspiring to witness the ingenuity that is out there in the industry. Whether it is farmers or companies, there are some amazing new inventions coming that will help improve productivity, safety and efficiency on the farm,” said Brad Crammond, Manitoba Ag Days co-chair. This year’s competition includes:

Amazone/Mid-Plains Implements
Amazone with the SmartService 4.0 uses the possibilities of the digital VR (virtual-reality) and AR (augmented-reality) technologies and digital media to enhance the service world. Imagine fixing a tractor in Russia while sitting at your desk in Carberry, Manitoba all through VR and AR technologies.

Bushel Plus
Bushel Plus is a remote-controlled drop pan system that attaches to any combine without wiring within seconds to calibrate your harvest losses.

Dave’s Welding Shop
A simple towable machine that pulls a large steel “Bullet” to depths as deep as five feet to create underground drainage tunnels providing underground drainage in farmers’ fields.

Duck Foot
The Duck Foot is an aftermarket upgrade tine made to fit MacDon headers to lift the crop.

Easy Bosse

The product is a hand-held instrument made of medical-grade stainless steel tubing to be inserted into the mouth and esophagus of cows and calves resulting in a remarkable calming and mental distraction of the cattle while performing vaccinations.

The Wilson Pacesetter equipped with the AgriLite conveyor system provides farmers the ability to fill air seeders, deep banders, and spreaders at over 4,000 lbs./min.

Huber Ag Equipment
Mixmate Fusion by Praxidyn measures by flow for automated mixing of bulk products and includes a specially designed inductor measuring by weight in one compact unit which is pre-calibrated.

Kirk Enterprises Ltd.
The Pumpsetter – An economical and user-friendly slough pump deployment system with several components.

Maple Grove Plastics
A truck cab device created to divert the pressurized air from the cab, which the heater and/or air conditioner fan creates and produces a positive pressure inside the box greater than the vacuum, thus preventing most of the dust from being sucked in, keeping the box immaculately clean.

Northern Strands
The Northern Strands patent-pending Bin Safe System allows for safe bin climbing via a fall protection system as farm workers don the harness, attach the lanyard to the rope grab and climb the ladder on the bin.

A safe, easy, and fast way to measure combine losses by properly setting your combine. Invented by farmers to help farmers.

Silvertec Manufacturing
Silvertec crop protectors are lightweight, durable dividers that gently split crop in front of equipment tires, to protect it from being trampled.

Soaring Eagle Grain Equipment
The ultimate swinging drive-over is an attachment for 13- to 16-inch augers and conveyors that comes as a stand-alone unit for transferring into auger hoppers or conveyor hoppers.

Triple Pass Welding
The Manitoba gate is a pitless, easily moved, mobile Texas gate with an inner frame that is spring loaded which presses against the ground when driven onto then pops back up once the vehicle passes.

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