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Volunteers make Ag Days happen

Barely a wheel would turn at the Keystone Centre later this 
month without their efforts

Forty-one years ago, on a crisp and cold winter morning in 1977, Hans Rindlisbacher packed up his own handmade forage display and headed off to the Brandon Weed Fair. He did know he hoped to educate farmers in attendance on the different varieties of grass common to Manitoba. What he didn’t know was that this […] Read more

Ag Days gives back to Manitobans

Every year Ag Days tries to give something back to Manitoba’s agriculture sector and rural communities. This year they’re slated to provide $26,000 in grants to agriculture-related charities, organizers say. “We want to support the communities that our exhibitors and patrons live in,” said Kristen Phillips, Manitoba Ag Days general manager. “Being able to contribute […] Read more

Safety first at Ag Days 2018

With farm safety becoming more prominent, Ag Days is stepping up this aspect of the show

Farm safety is a growing concern for everyone, and rightfully so. Consistently, farm accidents create media headlines that no one ever wants to read. Organizers at Manitoba Ag Days 2018 consider attendees and patrons as their community and no one wants to see a member of your community hurt. As such, Manitoba Ag Days organizers […] Read more

Kids get Ag Days adventure

Ag in the Classroom brings students to the event annually

Once again you’ll be seeing students from far and wide milling through exhibits, presentations and displays searching for clues at Ag Days. They’ll be searching for clues and answers that fit that day’s fun assignment — while simultaneously learning a bit more about agriculture. It’s the annual Ag Days Adventure, a joint venture of Agriculture […] Read more

Show the world Ag Days

Organizers hope to encourage social media engagement and raise the profile of the event

Ag Days draws farmers from far and wide. Yet, despite having all those people inside the show’s excellent facilities in Brandon this January, organizers see Manitoba Ag Days as a vast gateway to the world’s agricultural attention. Enter an engaged social media platform fuelled by show attendees, in particular the young farmers the show is […] Read more

Packed speaker lineup for 2018

More than 60 presenters will appear at the Keystone Centre over the show’s run

Manitoba ag show organizers feel they have another real winner on their hands with the show’s speaker program lineup this year. “The Manitoba Ag Days committee has worked extremely hard and I believe this is the best program we have ever had,” said Brad Crammond, Manitoba Ag Days co-chair. The speaker lineup features more than […] Read more

Forty… plus one

Manitoba Ag Days rolls into Year 41 with a celebration of young farmers

You’ve turned the Big 4-0, you’ve had the big celebratory splash with all your besties and it was one heck of a party… so… now what? Well, if you’re the organizing crew at the 2018 Manitoba Ag Days, you get right back in the saddle and build off your very successful 40th Manitoba Ag Days […] Read more

Manitoba sunshine brightens solar power opportunities

Many hours of sunshine make power generation possible even in the dead of winter

Justin Phillips doesn’t mince his words: If you’re a Manitoba farmer, the time to invest in solar power is right now. The Winnipeg-based businessman helped pioneer the solar industry in Manitoba and has watched Manitoba Hydro kick-start the industry to unexpected heights via a farmer-friendly pilot program that has one year left on it. That […] Read more

Renewable energy gaining traction in Manitoba

The agriculture community finds itself in the forefront of this evolution

While it may be a subtle advancement in the eyes of many, Wayne Digby sees a definite sea change underway on Manitoba’s agricultural lands when it comes to renewable energy. “Personally I think that we are just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the utilization of renewable energy on the farm […] Read more

Hutterite colonies leading the masses with biomass heating

IISD, colonies and Providence College are proving biomass heating technology to be viable

Manitoba’s Hutterite colonies are leading a made-in-Manitoba farm heating movement. “With the provincial ban on the use of coal for space heating in Manitoba, a good number of Manitoba’s Hutterite colonies have recently upgraded or converted their heating systems from aging coal-burning systems to cleaner biomass boiler heating systems,” says Richard Grosshans, bioeconomy lead for […] Read more