Thank you for 30 years!

April 13, 2013 marked the 30th anniversary of the founding of Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB). Throughout this year, we wish to celebrate and thank the many people and organizations that have created, built and supported the CFGB over the years — the early visionaries, the practical people who worked out the mechanics, the many farmers across the country who caught the vision, the Mennonite Central Committee that established the initial food bank and then invited other churches to join, the 15 Canadian churches and church-based agencies that now belong.

We also want to recognize the hundreds of partner organizations around the world that implement programs, in often difficult circumstances; the growing number of church congregations, both rural and urban, that are participating; the many individuals who generously donate cash; the business community that supports growing projects and facilitates grain donations and other efforts; and the Canadian International Development Agency that has supported the Canadian Foodgrains Bank from the beginning.

We are thankful that significant progress has been made in reducing the prevalence of hunger around the world over the last 30 years. The most recent report by the Food and Agriculture Organization indicates that the prevalence of hunger in developing countries has fallen from 23 per cent to 15 per cent in the last 20 years. We have contributed to this progress by reducing the impoverishing effects of hunger and disasters and supporting the efforts of households and communities to feed themselves.

Yet, we are deeply conscious that there are still 870 million people around the world who go hungry. Continued progress in reducing hunger is by no means certain. Our 30th anniversary is a time of retooling how we work, expanding some new approaches, strengthening the quality of our program, and inviting Canadians to continue joining with us in this God-inspired work of ending hunger.

While we have much to celebrate, we do so with the knowledge that the work of ending hunger is as urgent and vital as ever.

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